From Their Highnesses Ullr and Annelyse – 24 August 2021

Good greetings Middle Kingdom,

We hope that you and your families are happy and healthy!

With just over 33 days until Coronation, our schedule and workload has intensified in anticipation of a fantastic event in the Barony of Carraig Ban. Yesterday we drafted our court list for the evening court at Coronation. YES, over a month out! The scribes and signets need time to create the fabulous works of art that are the scrolls for awards. That is why we ask for award recommendations to be done so early. We prize the calligraphers and illuminators of the Kingdom and thank them for their contributions to the people of the Midrealm.

In the past week we have spent several hours in discussion with Their Royal majesties, Curia, event staff, and our staff regarding events through the end of the year. Coronation is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but for us, it is the beginning of a Reign with many events to follow.

Our Crown rules were published and we await letters requesting entry. This can be one of the most stressful times for an incumbent Crown. While we have the event site, staff, and rules, we don’t yet have a list of potential heirs. The waiting is like the anticipation for Christmas.

The planning for a reign is an ongoing endeavor and is ever changing as sites, schedules, and action items come to our attention. From clothing, travel, awards, chats with officers, and Baronesses and Barons, to keeping up our personal/professional lives, it is a constant process. All this we do happily for the Kingdom we call home.

We would like to thank Lady Seraphina for the masks to keep us both stylish and safe. Thank you for creating and sharing your art in the masks. We appreciate all that you do and have done!

As always We encourage you all to learn something new, seek new friendships, find better ways for yourself, and be kind to each other.

Draco Invictus!

Ullr and AnneLyse