Individual tested positive who attended Mounted War Games


This evening it was reported that an individual who attended Mounted War Games on September 2-6, 2021, has tested positive for COVID-19. This announcement is to inform those who attended and the Kingdom as a whole.

We encourage those who were at Mounted War Games to follow CDC guidelines and, if applicable, self-isolate. Testing for COVID-19 is also encouraged. We have contacted the local Health Department for the event and upon request will provide a list of attendees using information gathered from the Contact Tracing Sign-Ups.

Because our practices & gatherings have been diligent about sign-ups at events, we are able to gather this contact information quickly and act accordingly. If an individual who attended Mounted War Games tests positive, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal.

Remember that no one is required to attend events and encourage you to do what makes you feel comfortable.

For any questions about the Kingdom COVID Guidelines, please look here –

Thank you,

Master Cerridwen
Middle Kingdom Seneschal