HelpDesk – Accessing Award Recommendations

Good day, everyone,

One of the questions we get asked a lot is ‘how do we access the award recommendations section of the Service Portal’. Today I wanted to go over this briefly so everyone has the information they need.

One of the biggest things we have seen is that many people don’t realize that the menu on the Service Portal is an expanding menu. The initial headings (Home, Calendar, etc.) are not all clickable. Some of them have multiple options that you can do, and so their headings expand into a secondary menu. It is this secondary menu that sometimes gets missed.

When you login to the Service portal, you should see a menu like this:

Menu in Service Portal

On the Award Recommendations line, there is a \/ carrot that you need to click on in order to expand the menu for Award Recommendations. (Conversation continues after image)

​Once you click on that \/ carrot, you then get the expanded menu and can click on.

This should then load the award recommendations part of the Service Portal.  If you already have recommendations that you have made you will see them in the main body of the webpage and be able to scroll through. You can edit them individually. At the top right you will have two buttons to choose from “Award Descriptions” in case you need to read up on them, and “Make a new recommendation“.  

If for any reason, you are still having trouble with getting this section (or any section with a \/”carrot” to lead, please contact the MK Helpdesk via our main webpage and let us know. We will do our best to assist however we can.


MK Helpdesk Team.​