Implementation of CovidSafe policy from BOD of the SCA

Their Royal Majesties and Curia of the Middle Kingdom are pleased to announce that the Middle Kingdom will be implementing the COVIDSafe policy as published by the BOD of the SCA.

This policy will be effective in the Middle Kingdom beginning October 13th. Crown Tournament will be the first weekend event for which vaccination or a negative test will be required. Over the past two days we have received overwhelming support for this policy, 95% of all respondents are in favor of the COVIDSafe policy. Many respondents indicated that this would allow them to feel safe at the indoor winter events and at meetings and gatherings in general. This policy is being implemented alongside existing policy regarding mask wearing and shared food. Those policies remain in effect, unchanged.

We understand that, for a small proportion of the populace, this policy will mean that they decide to cease their participation, and for that we are sorry. However, please recognize that this is a temporary measure. As infections rate fall, as they are predicted by the CDC to do, we anticipate lifting of restrictions and measures.

We are all weary, however, infection, hospitalization and death numbers do not lie. The COVID pandemic is not over, and we must recognize this fact. This policy allows us the ability to gather for events with an increased feeling of safety and security.

Please familiarize yourself with the policy –

If you have questions, first please read the FAQ published by the BOD

If you still have questions, please email [email protected]

We will be rolling out implementation guidelines over the next few days; please be patient with us as we are trying to make this as smooth a rollout as possible.