COVIDSafe Procedures for the Middle Kingdom

Implementation document for Vaccination and Negative Testing.

Effective date October 13th 2021 (updated 04 Oct 2021)

Please refer to the official SCA policy

Check with the official FAQ first

Here is a PDF copy of this information

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The intent of this procedure is to provide guidance for groups on how to implement the SCA policy. Please realize that the requirement for a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of the event or proof of vaccination is in effect for every SCA event. Recognize that an official SCA event is any official meeting of the group, be it a business meeting, fight practice, weekend event, or demo. Any event that is covered by SCA insurance must adhere to this policy.

Ultimately the Seneschal of the group is responsible for ensuring that the policy is met.


At any given time, one individual who holds a warrant should check IDs and proofs of vaccination/negative test. A warranted officer is any officer of any group or at-large officer, such as at-large herald, kingdom officer, or marshal.

For small meetings/demos/practices – this is a one-person job.

For larger weekend events with busy troll – it would be wise to have shifts of individuals.

There is currently a question to the BOD asking if to minimize lines at busy events we may need more than one individual doing it. I expect clarification before implementation.

The individual performing the check will do the following: ask to see proof of vaccination or negative testing status and an ID.

We are not trained to detect forgeries. The guidance from SocSen is that as long as it has the following required information and is not an obvious forgery it is acceptable

For negative tests

  • Name of the individual that matches ID or DOB and passport number
    Indication of a negative test with a date 3 days before the first day of the event/day or meeting
    It must say negative, not detected, not found. Invalid is not negative.
  • Tests may be taken in any fashion (antigen, rapid PCR, PCR, saliva, swab) and from any authorized testing provider. It may be provided electronically or on paper.

For vaccination cards.

  • Name of the individual that matches ID and DOB
  • Name of vaccine and dates that indicate full vaccination status.
    For J&J vaccine this is 2 weeks after the single dose
    For Pfizer and Moderna this is 2 weeks after the second dose.
  • It may be provided electronically or on paper.

We recommend that you figure out what the dates should be before you work at the gate.  For example, for an event taking place on the 16th of October, the cutoff date to be considered fully vaccinated is the 2nd of October and the COVID test should have been taken between the 13-15th of October.

The check per individual should take no more than about 5-10 seconds.

At the end of your shift or the meeting, each individual who performed the checks must certify that they complied with the requirement.

This can be on a single sheet of paper that has the date, name of the event, name of the group, the required disclaimer, and a place for individual/individuals to sign.

I have created a sign off sheet that may be downloaded and printed and contains all required information, this is NOT a required document although something similar is expected.

After the event you will complete an online form and upload a picture of the sign off sheet. Keep the sign off sheet for your records, the submission of the form will count as your official submission to the kingdom seneschal. This is required.

You may not keep any record of an individual’s vaccination status, either by check mark or any other method.

Children under 12 are exempt from providing proof of a negative test but must wear a mask at all times, except when eating/drinking or at their own camp.

If an individual attempts to enter the event/gathering without providing such proof, you must ask them to leave. Should they fail to leave you may call the police and ask to have them removed. Additionally, make a report to your regional seneschal and the kingdom seneschal with as much evidence as you can provide.
Compliance with SCA policies is expected for attendance at SCA events.

Attempted violence or threats against staff will not be tolerated and individuals who attempt such will be subject to sanction.