Middle Kingdom Food Rules for Pandemic

It is expected that all groups hosting events who wish to serve food should follow standard food safety procedures. This includes but is not limited to: keeping food at a safe temperature, hand washing, sanitization of surfaces and equipment, safe storage of foodstuffs, appropriate hand washing and handling food with either gloved hands or appropriate service implements. Food poisoning is nobody’s favorite way to spend 24 hours.

Effective immediately (Tier 3 food service rules)

The intent of these rules is to allow people to gather for food whilst minimising the length of time numbers of people without masks are congregated together in an indoor setting. Please honor the spirit of these rules.

This policy does not supersede the current requirement to remain masked indoors at all times except whilst eating or drinking. Remain masked whilst moving around, preparing food, collecting food, serving food or waiting for food and talking.

Certain activities, including singing, have been shown to generate an unusually high number of infectious particles. Therefore, at this time we cannot allow vocal performance in a space with unmasked individuals due to the high risk of transmission. 2

Fighters should be self-reliant and have water, or a refillable water bottle. The list may provide water at the discretion of the KEM

No individual is required to eat in a group setting including Baronage and Royalty.

Individuals may provide food for their own purposes at their own risk.

Arrangement of tables for food service.  If tables are to be provided, they should be spaced 6ft apart with signs stating: “Please limit occupancy of this table to a single infection pod; sit with your group, not others. You may remove your mask while actively eating or drinking but are expected to put it back on once completed”.

Lunch – serve food in such a manner that minimizes the standing of people in line. Food does not have to be individually wrapped. Prepare and individually dish out items with gloved hands or service ware. Have items readily available for pick up and return to individual day camps/tables.

Potlucks – Guests should be invited to the potluck table one table at a time and should remain masked whilst selecting food. Serving spoons and/or gloves should be available to those dining.

Tavern style dinners- Guests should be invited to the tavern one table at a time to pick up food for a single table/feaster and should remain masked whilst collecting food. Serving spoons and/or gloves should be available to feasters. Please note that a tavern style feast is a few dishes at most two courses. This is not an extended 2–3-hour 3+ course feast.

With these changes, we anticipate the return of camaraderie and the sharing of the food and cheer (at your own risk).

Effective with Tier 2

No individual is required to eat in a group setting including Baronage and Royalty.

Return to normal food/feasting rules. No restrictions with regards to tables or service. 


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