MK Tiers for Mitigation

As the science changes so does kingdom policy.

These are the current Kingdom policies regarding coronavirus..  – (updated 13 May 2022)

  1. Requirement to post disease disclaimer in advance on website and at site entrance.
  2. COVIDsafe EXPIRED– This is a corporate policy that requires attendees to events to show proof of vaccination. This policy will NOT be reimplemented as it offers no projection given the high rate of breakthrough infections
  3. Indoor masking requirements – the requirement to wear a mask indoors at an event unless eating or drinking. Masking of individuals continues to be the most effective NPI against COVID.
  4. Expectation that if you are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19 that you will not attend events for 10 days.
  5. Expectation that if you become symptomatic or test positive within 2 days of attending an event that you inform the kingdom seneschal so that an official announcement may be made. 

It is important to recognize that as risks change so should the recommendations. Thus, we are implementing a Tier policy such that as infections decrease we implement or de implement various restrictions. Community risk levels will be taken from:

Notification of movement of the Kingdom from Tier to Tier will be made by the Seneschal and published through Social media, the website, The Pale or other methods as applicable. 

Tier 2 – Counties showing high and medium levels of community transmission

Tier 1 – Medium or low levels in all of the counties covered by the Midrealm

TierPolicies in effect
2Indoor masking required
1No Restrictions

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