Missive from Their Majesties regarding Gulf Wars – 31 Jan 2022

Greetings Midrealm,

As many of you are aware, Gulf Wars is happening in March. And, We have some information to share with you regarding attendance.

The last day for pre-registration, and to receive a refund of a pre-registration is February 15th, 2022. The pre-registration fee is $90. If you pay at the gate (without pre-registration) the fee is $95. A five dollar difference.

This year, there is no land penalty for having low pre-registration. That means, the Kingdom will not lose land for next year’s event. This seems like a pay at the gate option would be preferable if you are the least bit iffy or uncomfortable about your attendance.

Now to Our plan. We as Royals are registered and plan to attend at this time. That said, we are equally willing to cancel our trip. As the pandemic has taught us, tomorrow may change drastically. We will not attend Gulf Wars if We feel uncomfortable for any reason about doing so. Our plan is to evaluate the ongoing situation regularly. If We make a decision to cancel Our attendance, We will notify the Kingdom as early as possible. This is exactly what We have stated outwardly to you in the past about your own decisions regarding event attendance, and we echo that now with our actions. Gulf wars will not require proof of vaccination or a covid test. There is no clear indication what the Covid-19 disease will be doing at that time. Gulf wars, or any camping event, has poor hygiene at best. You have to make your own decisions.

We both have great memories of Gulf Wars past and would love to add to those memories this year. But safety will be Our first priority. While we would miss our friends, We are looking at the realities of the modern and current world. We suspect this event will have a low attendance for this year.

If you do plan to camp in the Middle Kingdom camp, with pre-reg or not, please contact the Middle Kingdom Land Agent, Mistress Angelique. Communication with her can save challenges when you arrive!

We remain in service to the Midrealm,

Ullr and AnneLyse
Monarchs Middle Kingdom