From the Kingdom Earl Marshal – 30 MArch 2022

Greetings Midrealm!

As I write this missive the warmer winds and green leaves of Spring are  beginning to breathe fresh life on the lands of the Dragon. Yet, I feel the cold fingers of winter wrap themselves around my marshal’s staff….

The normal term for a kingdom officer is two years, and as of this writing there are only six months remaining in my term. It is important to ensure the ongoing leadership of the marshallate and martial activities throughout the kingdom.

Qualified applicants will have an intimate working knowledge of Society and Kingdom Law, Marshal handbooks for ALL of the various martial activities, experience at various levels of the marshallate, strong administrative and project management skills, excellent interpersonal skills (or at least better than mine), and the ability to adapt to a changing environment of rules and safety considerations from both the top down and bottom up. Most importantly, the KEM must be ready, willing, and able to provide wise counsel to the Crown at all times.

Please send your personal and SCA resume to You may reach out privately to ask any questions about the position and I will be happy to regale you with tales of being the Pandemic KEM.

In Service to the Midrealm,

Sir Marcus Pinarius Draconarius

Midrealm Earl Marshal