May 2022 Pale Letter – Kingdom Exchequer

Greetings, Midrealm,

Happy May! I hope this missive finds you enjoying the warmer weathers of spring and getting back to “normal” again at events. It is hard to believe that 2 years ago we were in the middle of shutting down all events, practices, and trying to figure out the pandemic, but here we are, and here I am writing my final Pale letter. As I reflect on my time as a Kingdom officer, I am more and more profoundly grateful for all the things I have learned by joining the SCA all those years ago when I was in college.

The SCA and especially the Midrealm is a wonderfully diverse and vibrant place to find arts, sciences, martial activities, service opportunities, and most importantly, people who want you to succeed. I urge you all to do something that you have never done before in the SCA because the more people you meet, the bigger your heart can grow.

I would like to say thank you to all my deputies, especially THL Snowden and Mistress Gwynnyd for their help in getting the reservation system working for events in the Midrealm, I could not have done it without you. My final thanks are to all the local exchequers- your support and work throughout the pandemic was very much appreciated. Have a wonderful spring, Midrealm.

In service to the Mighty Midrealm,

Modrybedd Eilis the Stone