Grand Tournament of the Dragon – Covid Announcement.

Yesterday it was reported to the kingdom that an individual who attended Grand Tournament of the Dragon on April 23rd tested positive for COVID-19. This announcement is to inform those who attended and the Kingdom as a whole. We encourage those who were at Grand Tournament to follow CDC guidelines (…/your…/quarantine-isolation.html) and if applicable, self-isolate. If able, we also encourage testing for COVID 5 days after the event. Remember that outdoor transmission is much less likely due to airflow decreasing the exposure to exhaled droplets.If you attended Grand Tournament of the Dragon and test positive within 7 days please contact the Kingdom Seneschal to advise (

Remember that no one is required to attend events and we encourage you to do what makes you feel comfortable.For any questions about the Kingdom COVID Guidelines, please look here

Thank you,
Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad
Yours in Service,Helewyse de BirkestadMiddle Kingdom Seneschal