Pale Letter – June – Kingdom Chatelaine


I am happy to announce the next North Oaken Regional Chatelaine, the next Recruitment/Retention/Demo Deputy, and the NEW Dean of Chatelaines Deputy. 

Please welcome Lady Shahzada al-Zahra (Eve Liebfried) as the North Oaken Regional Chatelaine. She has extensive experience not only in the Chatelaine office but in the SMO office as well. She will be a tremendous asset to the Chatelaine office going forward.

Please welcome THL Ates Ejderhasi (Samantha DeCrane) as the Recruitment/Retention/Demo Deputy. She has many good ideas that not only will be an asset to the office but will benefit the Office Kingdom wide.

Please welcome the “NEW” Dean of Chatelaines Deputy, THL Gregory Bryant (Greg Bryant). As a former teacher, he has vast experience in creating classes and teaching classes. I look forward to the future Chatelaine classes that will not only benefit first time Chatelaines but could possibly help those of us who have been in the position of Chatelaine throughout our SCA career. I am excited to see what the future holds!
Please remember, we were that Newcomer once and we needed the guidance of someone who understood our uncertainty and was willing to give us a helping hand. Let us all be that helping hand for someone new.


Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogair, CW 
Kingdom Chatelaine