Covid exsposure at Baronial Border War

It is my unfortunate duty to report that a person who attended Baronial Border War became symptomatic this morning and tested positive for COVID. The risk of exposure is low but not zero . If you are concerned that you may have been exposed we recommend that you follow the CDC guidelines for isolation and quarantine that may be found at

There is a tool that allows you to make decisions about quarantine and masking. 

With an increase in cases across the States encompassed by the Middle Kingdom it is more important than ever that individuals feel free to make the choice that feels right for them. You do not have to attend events, you may choose to mask at all times or take other measures to reduce your risk.

 The individual was fully vaccinated and boosted therefore the COVIDSafe policy would not have prevented this occurrence, nor those of the previous events. We thus do not see any scientifically valid rationale to reinstate the policy requiring vaccination to attend events and meetings at this time. We also expect between 2-3 positive cases at all events given current community levels  Please continue to mask indoors as it is the NPI shown to reduce exposure the most. 

Mistress Helewyse
Middle Kingdom Seneschal