New Armored Combat handbook

I am very pleased to announce that the latest edition of the Armored Combat Handbook for the Middle Kingdom has been released.

The handbook can be found at the link below.

Major changes include:
The authorization requirement for marshals may be waived for individuals that were at one time an authorized combatant (with approval by the Earl Marshal or the Deputy for Armored Combat)

The authorization process for Combat Archery has been streamlined, a written test is no longer required (marshals may ask the person authorizing several verbal questions)

The Marshal In Training process for Combat Archery has been reworked. Classes are no longer required for inspections.

Removed the target substitution rule on turning/ducking the head. The top and side of the head are proof from thrusts, not an illegal target area. Moving your head is akin to blocking a shot with a shield.

Added a rule that shots from a two handed weapon that are thrown with only one hand should be treated as though they come from a one handed weapon.

I will be scheduling some meetings/classes to go over the new handbook.