The Pale – June Letter from Kingdom Exchequer

Greetings, all,

I’m here! I’m back!! Let the pigeons loose, let the banners fly!!

I’d like to thank my esteemed predecessor, Mistress Appolonia, for her service and thanks also to Crown and Curia for allowing me to once again serve as Exchequer.

Thanks go out to THL Cydeaux of Brittany for her service as Midlands Regional Exchequer; and all please welcome THL Louis Xavier de Navarre who is stepping up to serve as the new Midlands Regional Exchequer.

Please check out the job postings on the Midrealm website. Currently, North Oaken and Pentamere positions are available. Please send me your SCA and CV along with a letter of intent by 31 May 2024 if you would like the opportunity to serve. Those can be emailed to [email protected].

In service,

Exchequer of the Middle Kingdom