The Pale – June Letter from Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings, Middle Kingdom,

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring’s nearly summer weather.

Our Kingdom is fortunate to welcome the new Heirs to the Royal family.

I wanted to let you know that our team is making good progress on the Middle Kingdom event rotation. My First Deputy, Dame Sara Hasenkamp, is leading this group and making very good progress. I am so happy to have her as my First Deputy; she has been of great help to me as I learn the ropes of being your Kingdom Seneschal.

I am hoping to see some of you at events coming up, but if you need anything, please feel free to reach out to your Regional Seneschal and/or myself. Our main goal is to ensure that everyone is having a good time, and treating others with the same respect and courtesy each of us would like to be treated with.

There is great news from the Society Seneschal and other SCA leaders: the DEI and Chatelaine are now considered Great Officers. These two offices make our Society better and more welcoming. It is wonderful to see them recognized. They are looking for a Society DEI officer for that office to report to, but in the meantime, it remains a deputy of the Seneschal’s office.

We also have one open position in the Seneschallate, the Background Check Deputy. The following is a brief description of the requirements of this office:

All officer terms at the Kingdom level are 2 years with a possibility of 3 if necessary. All positions are unpaid volunteer positions and require internet connectivity and technological know-how (Google forms, sheets, docs, email). It is expected that you will check your official email account at least weekly and report quarterly. All positions require membership in the SCA and residency or citizenship of the Midrealm. Positions will remain open until filled.

Job Description:

  • Maintain a master list of approved backgrounds in the Middle Kingdom.
  • Register new requests for background checks and seek approval from the Kingdom Seneschal
  • Add Kingdom-approved background requests to the Society Background Checklist.
  •  Monitor newly-approved background checks and notify the members when they have been approved.
  •  Notify members when they have two months until expiration to start the renewal process.
  •  Monitor membership expirations and notify members when those are close to expiring (no membership means no valid background check)
  •  Coordinate with other Kingdom officers to confirm active background checks for activities.

In service and friendship,

Duchess Arabella Silvermane, OP
Middle Kingdom Seneschal