Youth Rapier Experiment

Experimental Weapon Youth Rapier Division 2

What: An experimental weapon trial for division 2 (ages 10-13).  The majority of the Known World uses epees for this division but the Middle Kingdom has disallowed that weapon in our Kingdom.  An alternative weapon to bridge the gap between plastic swords and metal rapier blades is needed while these children age out of the plastic weapon but are not strong enough to wield a metal weapon.  Parents are responsible for reporting after the weapons are used. Marshal in Charge should report as well after the weapons are used.  The data will be collected for 2 years at which time a review will be conducted.

Actual weapons to test: Using commercially available weapons from suppliers Purple Heart and HEMA – the Padded saber and the padded broadsword.  These links will take you to the 4 total weapons to be used in the experiment

Purple Heart Armory:

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Who: The Middle Kingdom Youth Rapier program


  1. All combatants, marshals, and parents/guardians must consent to the use of the weapon or material before combat begins.  If any of the marshals or combatants, or parents object to the use of the material or weapon, the material or weapon may not be used in that fight or battle.  All experimental materials and weapons shall be marked with alternating bands of red and green tape totaling 6 inches in length.  Bands shall be visible during weapon usage.
  2. Experimental weapon experimental reporting is required after every practice, event, tournament, and melee to be completed by both the parents and the MIC of the activity.
  3. There is a google sheet to report testing and must be filled out every time the weapon is used.
  4. Once per quarter a report needs to be sent to Middle Kingdom Earl Marshal, MIddle Kingdom Experimental weapons deputy, and the society Youth combat marshal.
  5. Length of experiment – proposed 2 years
  6. At no point will an experimental fight/sparing  be between different types – not against plastic or metal swords – only experimental swords.

Questions and concerns about the experiment can be directed to me at [email protected].

Reporting form

Oda Umi – Dono, MKDEM YR