Youth Rapier Program Update

It is with great pleasure I have seen an uptick in interest in the youth rapier program. Here is some handy information in a condensed format. 

1. There is a new rules book posted on the Earl Marshal’s webpage. Oct 2023 edition. 

2. You can get your youth sparring authorization any event or practice where there is a youth rapier marshal or a MIT in youth rapier. It is an advanced Adult secondary authorization. It takes a partner, 2 marshals (1 may be rapier only) and yourself. 

3. You must take a short quiz and pass then send in the paperwork. 

4. Clerk of the roster will then mark you as authorized. 

5. To become a youth rapier marshal you need to click on the link on the Earl Marshals page that says I want to become a MIT and fill out the google sheet. 

6. I will be notified and approve all MITs.

7. You get your form, signatures, and sponsoring marshals signatures, and punch test. Then send paperwork into deputy youth rapier. 

8. We do the background check. 

9. You pass a test. 

Thank you for your interest in the youth rapier program. If you have any additional questions feel free to email me at [email protected] 

Oda Umi-Dono, Deputy Earl Marshal Youth Rapier