Armored Combat Single Handed Weapon Thrusting Tip Experiment

As a result of feedback on the latest edition of the Armored Combat Handbook we are going to run an experiment to see if thrusting tips on both ends of a single handed weapon will work in a Midrealm context. Here is the information for the experiment:Midrealm Butt spike Experiment 11.12.2023(Butt spikes are currently already …

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Marshal Reporting

Earlier this week I had a meeting with all my deputies to discuss reporting. Domesday reports are coming up very soon for Rapier Combat, and pretty soon for the other disciplines. This time around everyone is going to use the same form for their reports – hopefully this will lead to less confusion. The form …

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Rapier Marshal Domesday

Attention Rapier Marshals; This is a reminder that Domesday reports are due two weeks from today, November 1st. ALL rapier marshals must report for Domesday, including Marshals in Training (MiTs). Please use the below link to report, and make sure to select Q4/Domesday for the quarter reporting. tinyurl.com/midrealmmarshalreport YIS, Maestra Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr DKEM Fencing, …

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