Armored Combat

Pennsic Authorizations

The Pennsic rules this year allow for authorizations and re-authorizations to happen at Pennsic if the participant’s kingdom is good with it. For the Midrealm, we will allow armored and rapier authorizations and re-authorizations to happen with a few caveats. For armored authorizations/re-authorizations one of the marshals running the authorization must be either myself or

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Air Quality Guidelines

In light of the smoke issues from the Canadian wildfires, I’ve gotten some questions about when we should cancel outdoor activities due to air quality issues. I’ve talked to some folks with air quality experience. We are looking at fine particulate matter in the air ( PM2.5) which is measured in the Air Quality Index

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Waiver Review Last Call

Last call! I’ve updated the file for folks without a waiver. I’ll be having anyone without a waiver marked as inactive on 1/31. List of folks without waivers: If you want to confirm that you are in the database you can look that up at: The waivers can be found at: Waivers

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