From Their Highnesses Felix and Madeleina on Their Coronation on May 2nd.

To the Noble Members of The Middle Kingdom, all health and well wishes!

I am happy to announce that the Coronation of Felix and Madeleina will occur virtually at 2 PM Central/ 3 PM. Eastern time on Saturday, 2 May!  

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are all trying to work out the kinks regarding Coronation and technology.  Here is how it will work: 

Part ONE: Morning Court. 

Their Gracious and Loving Royal Majesties, Seto and Ynes, will be holding court from 10 AM CST to 1 PM CST.  At the beginning of the Safe at Home orders the Royal Family had all been in agreement that virtual peerages were not optimal and made plans together to do things in person later.  His Highness and I are now concerned that “later” may not happen in the way We all would like to support those actions.  We appreciate Their Majesties working hard to make sure that They can finish Their outstanding business.

Part TWO: The Ceremony.

A Zoom meeting will occur for the participants.  (If there are “visiting” Royalty who would like to attend, please contact our chamberlains and we will add you to that meeting.)  The Coronation ceremony will be live-streamed to the You-Tube channel.  (  Our Kingdom Social Media Officer,  Lady Sara Hasenkamp, will post the links to the Middle Kingdom Facebook Group: .

Part THREE:  Sitting in State. 

Immediately after the ceremony, Lady Sara will post the Zoom meeting link to the Middle Kingdom Facebook Group:  Please join the meeting so that you can come celebrate with Us!  (Just “raise your hand” in the meeting so you may be called on!)  For users not accustomed to Zoom meetings, there should be a helpful guide out soon!

See you all soon!

Felix and Madeleina

From Their Majesties Seto & Ynes regarding Coronation on May 2nd

Good Evening Midrealm,

As was briefly mentioned during Saturday’s Court, in consultation with Our Heirs, We are going to have Our Last Last Ethereal Court as King and Queen Saturday May 2nd before their Coronation. This will include a lot of business and We will post the list of summons tomorrow. We will start Our Court at 10 AM CST and We anticipate it will be done by 1 PM CST to give a lunch break before Coronation begins. We will be streaming from our Zoom directly to Youtube Live.

We hope many of you can join Us to celebrate these gentles who would have received these awards at Better War through Archery, Gulf Wars and all the events that We would have attended in April. This will also allow Us to release Our champions individually before the Coronation ceremony begins.


Seto and Ynes