Site outage update

Just after the 50th Year Celebration, the Dayton area was hit by tornadoes, causing widespread damage to property. One such was the location where our old server resides, which houses things like the Wiki, the Peerage sites, and two groups’ websites. As a consequence, our server is still down as it was not part of the disaster recovery plan at the location. The server team has been trying to get a copy of the server up and running again, if for no other reason than to gain access to the data on the drives. It’s proving a tough nut to crack due to the age of the system software. We are doing everything in our power to restore service as soon as possible and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

As further updates happen, I will update this note.

In service to the Kingdom, I remain,

Baron Rijckaert vanUtrecht,OP
Kingdom Web Minister

“Missing” Awards


I have been made aware that some awards in the Order of Precedence are “missing” for a few folks. In my investigations, every case thus far has been due to awards being listed under a different name. When the awards were imported from the old system, all we had to match on was name. Awards under different names for the same person (or a misspelling of the name) came in as multiple profiles.

To correct this, it is a simple matter of merging the profile accounts together. This is a task that is fairly straight forward, and the folks at are able to make this happen, but they need some information to do so.

Check your awards to ensure that they are complete. If they are not, please email the following information to and they will help you out.

1) Your name as is appears on your profile in the services portal
2) Your user id
3) The missing award name and the date it was bestowed
4) Alternate names or spellings it might be under

The helpdesk team will attempt to track down the missing award in the other profile and merge it in. The more information you can provide the helpdesk, the quicker the issue can be resolved.

Baron Rijckaert vanUtrecht, OP
Kingdom Web Minister

MK50 Herald’s Point

Middle Kingdom 50 Year Celebration is coming up soon, May 24-27, 2019. We cordially invite all heralds and populace to stop by and celebrate heraldry! Herald’s Point will be open on Friday and Saturday from 10-5 and located in History Hall.

There will be submissions staff on duty to work up your names and armory, answer questions, help you with heraldic wills, and the Point is authorized to take payment for your submissions, just like at Pennsic, so it’s a real one-stop shop!

If you ARE a consulting herald and wish to volunteer some of your time, please stop by! You will be able to sign up for shifts (to help us schedule more smoothly), but if you find you have a free hour, just drop in. We will have power and wifi from the site, so you can use your laptop.

We’re still looking for a Supervising Herald for the Friday shifts, so if you have 3 hours to spare either in the morning from 10-1 or from 2-5, please contact the Herald’s Point Coordinator, Dame Estelle de la Mer, directly.

There will be a limited number of NEW Heraldic Field Books to be given away, so please stop by for a copy of this resource for the vocal herald!

We will also be having an informational class on the upcoming Heraldic College Restructure Plan, on Saturday at 4pm. Please join us to learn about the changes coming up to the Midrealm College of Heralds!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

How to of Google Mail Filtering and Officer Reporting

Good afternoon, Midrealm!
As part of the new services that we have rolled out for everyone, several questions have risen that I want to share with you all.  

Reporting System

As many of you have already discovered, we have a new officer reporting system in the services portal that allows users to file and view reports for themselves and any deputies that they have.  The design idea behind this is a unified place that works the same regardless of the office a report is being filed for.  Each office type will have its own set of questions that the Kingdom Officer would like answered.  The reporting system works in three basic steps:

  1. Selecting the year, quarter, and office the report is for
  2. Answering the office specific questions
  3. Submitting the report

The act of submitting does some things behind the scenes that are not readily apparent to the person submitting the report.  First, the last report date of officer for that office is updated.  Second, and this is the piece that I wanted to address in the second part of this missive, is that an email is sent to the officers above the officer in the reporting chain.  Also, an alert goes out to the seneschal of the group associated with the office.  If you do the math, top level offices will get alerted for every office submission all the way down to the canton officers.  For offices like the marshals and seneschals, this can be a lot of email alerts.  This brings me to part two of this missive…

How to Filter Google Mail

Since we based the emails on Google Mail, there is a lovely feature that allows you to filter email that comes into your account and do interesting things with it to help you manage your inbox.  Originally, I had intended to create a video specific to Midrealm Email, but it applies to ANY Google based email account.  I found a video on YouTube that does a GREAT job of showing how to set up and filter mail in your account and cut down on the “noise” from the automated reporting alerts. 

How to Use Gmail Filters and Labels by Simpletivity

What I would suggest is that you create a filter to a new label (I use Officer Reports) for everything coming from (a dummy account that we set up just for this purpose and is common practice with automated alerts like this).  This will allow you to not see in your inbox those alerts but still go an look later, bulk delete, or send to another label.  Some officers want to know every detail up to the moment, and some want to go at it later.  Our thought process behind the design of this system was flexibility.  Everyone has different ways they want to consume information and we wanted to provide a versatile set of tools to allow you to do so, and not have to retool how the system works when the next officer comes in after you.  
I hope the video helps you with managing your inbox either here on or in any Google mail based account you may have. 
As always, if you run into difficulty, please send an email to and one of our Helpdesk team will assist you.
Thank you for your time and happy filtering!

Master Rijckaert vanUtrecht, OP
Kingdom Web Minister

The list of At-Large warranted heralds can be found in the services portal, by clicking on “Groups” on the left-hand sidebar, and then “Officer Directory”. Then, in the top search bar, under the spyglass, select “Office Name” and type “At Large Heralds” into the search bar.

The list of currently warranted At-Large heralds can be seen in this direct link. To become warranted as an At-Large herald, you must submit a herald’s report at least yearly.

Fall Letter – Kingdom Job Openings Launches

Marhaba from The Pale Editor in Chief!

Autumn came swiftly upon us this past month, and with the swirling leaves, it seems that time has moved more swiftly and our desired to be warmed by the hearth fire firmly set in. Changes are upon us! The Kingdom has Heirs, and I know we are all excited to have Prince Edmund and Princess Kateryn join the Middle Kingdom Royal Family.

The new Middle Kingdom Jobs Page is up on . If your group has a job that need to be listed, pleasecontact me at The site will be updated at least once amonth near the 10 th of the month. Most likely I will update it as the jobs come in, though.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a lot of Job Listings that need to be included into The Pale, be sure to let the me know as SOON as you can. There is a limit to the number of pages (16) that can be published in The Pale and I will need to adjust the content if we have a lot of postings. If we start to run out of room, I will do my best to accommodate.

The Pale is also always looking for content. We already have had some wonderful columns as of late, if you haven’t seen them, please go back and take a look. Our Social Media Officer, Lady Sarah has published several articles to help everyone adjust to the new world of Social Media and the SCA. We have had a few Chatelaine columns written by Baroness Verena, some articles on how to understand the Transgender culture in the SCA by Baron Sammi, and a lovely Scottish tale about Duntrune Castle by Lord Angus.  I would love to have even more of these things going forward, so please, send me an email if you are interested.

Well, my tea has gone cold and it seems that another month is gone. I have you have a wonderful December, enjoying the Holidays and your time with friends and family,

In Service to the Dream,


Editor in Chief, The Pale