From Their Highnesses Felix and Madeleina on Their Coronation on May 2nd.

To the Noble Members of The Middle Kingdom, all health and well wishes!

I am happy to announce that the Coronation of Felix and Madeleina will occur virtually at 2 PM Central/ 3 PM. Eastern time on Saturday, 2 May!  

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are all trying to work out the kinks regarding Coronation and technology.  Here is how it will work: 

Part ONE: Morning Court. 

Their Gracious and Loving Royal Majesties, Seto and Ynes, will be holding court from 10 AM CST to 1 PM CST.  At the beginning of the Safe at Home orders the Royal Family had all been in agreement that virtual peerages were not optimal and made plans together to do things in person later.  His Highness and I are now concerned that “later” may not happen in the way We all would like to support those actions.  We appreciate Their Majesties working hard to make sure that They can finish Their outstanding business.

Part TWO: The Ceremony.

A Zoom meeting will occur for the participants.  (If there are “visiting” Royalty who would like to attend, please contact our chamberlains and we will add you to that meeting.)  The Coronation ceremony will be live-streamed to the You-Tube channel.  (  Our Kingdom Social Media Officer,  Lady Sara Hasenkamp, will post the links to the Middle Kingdom Facebook Group: .

Part THREE:  Sitting in State. 

Immediately after the ceremony, Lady Sara will post the Zoom meeting link to the Middle Kingdom Facebook Group:  Please join the meeting so that you can come celebrate with Us!  (Just “raise your hand” in the meeting so you may be called on!)  For users not accustomed to Zoom meetings, there should be a helpful guide out soon!

See you all soon!

Felix and Madeleina

From Their Majesties Seto & Ynes regarding Coronation on May 2nd

Good Evening Midrealm,

As was briefly mentioned during Saturday’s Court, in consultation with Our Heirs, We are going to have Our Last Last Ethereal Court as King and Queen Saturday May 2nd before their Coronation. This will include a lot of business and We will post the list of summons tomorrow. We will start Our Court at 10 AM CST and We anticipate it will be done by 1 PM CST to give a lunch break before Coronation begins. We will be streaming from our Zoom directly to Youtube Live.

We hope many of you can join Us to celebrate these gentles who would have received these awards at Better War through Archery, Gulf Wars and all the events that We would have attended in April. This will also allow Us to release Our champions individually before the Coronation ceremony begins.


Seto and Ynes

Their Majesties announce their 2nd AEthereal Court for April 25th.

Good Evening Midrealm,

We hope you are all healthy and well. If you not had a chance to see it yet, you should watch Our Heirs’ video message. It gives good information and clarity to some of Their future plans. The Midrealm will be in good hands. We appreciate and agree with Their efforts to keep the Kingdom safe.

This Saturday at 5:30 CST will be Our last Court as King and Queen. The medium will be the same as last weekend with Facebook Live used for immediate viewing, while we will be using Zoom and a recording will later be added to the Kingdom’s Facebook page.

This has certainly been a unique experience, but We are very excited to share Our Last Court with many of Our landed Baronials and Our Heirs. We are looking forward to hearing from them and We hope you are too.

Thank you all once again for your continued support and We eternally grateful for this opportunity that We have been given. For without each and everyone one of you this would all mean nothing. We are only in this role because YOU Believe! See you this weekend: same Dragon time, same Dragon station!

Seto & Ynes
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom

From the Kingdom Seneshal on Covid-19

Dear Children of the Dragon,

In these troubled times we seek to do our best to protect and defend. Sometimes that means making difficult decisions for the health and safety of those that need it most. Thus on behalf of the Crown and the Great Officers of State, hear and know the following:
Gulf Wars has been officially cancelled.

All events (weekend events, business meetings, and practices, etc.) are hereby cancelled, effective immediately through the end of March. We will evaluate the situation at the end of March to determine the next appropriate steps.

Pre-registration of events through PayPal will be disable until further notice. It is recommended that local branches stop offering a pre-registration option to avoid potential issues with refunds due to cancelled events or requests due to illness. To help ease the potential impact of these decisions, the Middle Kingdom will be making the following financial policy changes:

For local branches hosting events, the Middle Kingdom will assist local groups who provide site refunds to individuals who request one due to them or a family member being ill. Such requests would have to occur on or before the event. Policy to be re-evaluated in 60 days.

Local groups forced to cancel the use of a venue by government, venue, the Board of Directors of SCA, Inc. or by the Middle Kingdom: If the venue does not offer a full refund of the deposit and the forfeiture of the deposit would result in the group having a balance of less than $500 in their account, the Kingdom will assist to ensure a minimum of $500 remains in the group’s accounts for ordinary operational costs. Policy to be re-evaluated in 30 days.

You may find the most current, official, word at the following sites:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control:

Remember, PROTECT YOUR FRIENDS, WASH THY HANDS! The plague was so 1347!

Yours in Service,
Master Cerridwen verch Ioreword
Middle Kingdom Seneschal

Their Majesties’ April Letter in The Pale

Salutations, Midrealm,

This is Our last Pale letter for Our Reign and We cannot say thank you enough for the privilege of this year. It has been absolutely a delight being able to travel to so many different groups and recognize good works publicly. We are so thankful for all the largesse and overall support We have been given. We are especially thankful for Our predecessors, Duke Edmund and Duchess Kateryn, and Our Heirs, Felix and Madeleina. Without their direct guidance We would not have been able to serve you as well and We thank them for Their Service to the Kingdom.

We also want to give a special thank you to Our Chamberlains – Baron Wilhelm and Baroness Alzbeta. They were Outstanding and truly made this intense year as painless as it could have been. Additional staff that We wish to publicly commend are Our regional Staff: Evzenie, Antonia, Sarah, Hypathia, and Aya. Additional members of Our Staff who were irreplaceable: Emmiken and Zahra.

We are adding one event to the last month of Our Royal Progress which will be Martial Rum to be held April 11, 2020, in the Barony of Sternfeld. Finally, we hope many of you can come to the Coronation of Felix and Madeleina, May 2, as it promises to be a beautiful celebration of Our Kingdom and traditions.

-Seto and Ynes

Their Highness’s April Letter in The Pale


Noble subjects of the Middle Kingdom, spring is upon the Realm. We have returned safe from campaign in the lands to the south and We hope that Gulf Wars was a time of fellowship and fond memories for everyone. As spring is a time of change, We too must speak of change. The timing of these publications is challenging, and We do not wish to overstep Our current station. We have been encouraged by Their Royal Majesties to address these topics, and by Their leave We shall speak to them.

In Our minds, Coronation and Crown Lists are the paramount celebration of the Middle Kingdom. We would encourage all to attend and participate in these celebrations. At Coronation We would invite people to don appropriate masks during the day if it pleases them. This was a custom of Court in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and we seek only to allow people a bit of fun. Her Highness and I will be sponsoring a King’s and Queen’s Tournament. All those who are of worth, seek renown, or seek to please the King or Queen should present themselves in armor of good repair with no rust or garments that are torn, and fight to be recognized as a champion of the day. Many honors and prizes shall be given in the evening Court, before feast.

We look to have an evening revel after Court at a local inn. Please come enjoy the day, smile, laugh, have fun, and share in the joy that is The Middle Kingdom. Crown List combatants and consorts, please read the requirements and abide by them. The standards for this tournament are the highest. Doing the minimum isn’t the goal. Being an example to the Known
World is the goal. We will hold all who vie to be Our Heirs accountable for their actions and presentation and shall name you unworthy should you fail in comportment, calibration or presentation. Aspiring to this great privilege is no easy thing; the responsibilities are vast and demanding. This is your first test in your aspirations. Prepare well and good luck; We and the populace are watching.

Know in advance, the space around the list field at Crown shall be reserved for those who have medieval period tents, pavilions and shades. We ask that you keep all modern items from view in these areas. This includes chairs, cans, coolers, tables and an endless number of other items. We are striving very hard for a medieval tournament. We have made Our wishes known to the event steward and the list coordinator. Please work with them as they arrange this difficult task. We would like to thank Their Royal Majesties Seto and Ynes. They have been kind to Us and allowed Us to have a great deal of room to maneuver for Pennsic preparations. They have encouraged Us to be vocal and act as We see fit. We wish Them well in all things and are grateful for Their service to this Kingdom.

We love this Kingdom. We are grateful for the privilege to lead and serve this greatest of Realms. Be kind when you can, find joy in what you do, work to make The Kingdom a better community.

Go in peace,
Felix et Madeleina

Fall Letter – Kingdom Job Openings Launches

Marhaba from The Pale Editor in Chief!

Autumn came swiftly upon us this past month, and with the swirling leaves, it seems that time has moved more swiftly and our desired to be warmed by the hearth fire firmly set in. Changes are upon us! The Kingdom has Heirs, and I know we are all excited to have Prince Edmund and Princess Kateryn join the Middle Kingdom Royal Family.

The new Middle Kingdom Jobs Page is up on . If your group has a job that need to be listed, pleasecontact me at The site will be updated at least once amonth near the 10 th of the month. Most likely I will update it as the jobs come in, though.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a lot of Job Listings that need to be included into The Pale, be sure to let the me know as SOON as you can. There is a limit to the number of pages (16) that can be published in The Pale and I will need to adjust the content if we have a lot of postings. If we start to run out of room, I will do my best to accommodate.

The Pale is also always looking for content. We already have had some wonderful columns as of late, if you haven’t seen them, please go back and take a look. Our Social Media Officer, Lady Sarah has published several articles to help everyone adjust to the new world of Social Media and the SCA. We have had a few Chatelaine columns written by Baroness Verena, some articles on how to understand the Transgender culture in the SCA by Baron Sammi, and a lovely Scottish tale about Duntrune Castle by Lord Angus.  I would love to have even more of these things going forward, so please, send me an email if you are interested.

Well, my tea has gone cold and it seems that another month is gone. I have you have a wonderful December, enjoying the Holidays and your time with friends and family,

In Service to the Dream,


Editor in Chief, The Pale