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Welcome to the Middle Kingdom HelpDesk

The Middle Kingdom Helpdesk is responsible for providing assistance with the kingdom website and other internet technologies, such as the Services Portal and officer emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No known issues at this time – 2 May 2022

What is the Middle Kingdom Help Desk?

The Middle Kingdom Helpdesk is exactly what is sounds like. We are a group of people (all volunteers) pooled together to assist the Kingdom Webminister in keeping the technology running smoothly in the Kingdom. There are multiple tiers to the team that start with the Helpdesk Team and work up to the Kingdom Webminister.

The Helpdesk team is who you will be connecting with first via this page for ALL issues and concerns. We can help with

  • website updates
  • Adding document to the Middle Kingdom Library
  • email resets, assignments and creations
  • just letting us know when you find something broken
  • assistance in any way with the various Kingdom Websites (the main and help with any group site on our server)
  • Service Portal items (reporting, award recs, access and login)
  • Other Portals (Peerage, A&S, Cartography, RUM, etc.)
  • Newcomers – if you are new and need to be connected with any of welcome people to get your sorted, we have one of our Regional Newcomer people (Chatelains) on our team.

Common Questions at the Help Desk

How to use the Help Desk website

All initial concerns should go through the Help Desk if possible. If the Kingdom Webminister is needed to assist with the issues, we will send your emails up the chain to them. So many things, however, can be handled by the Middle Kingdom Help Desk team. We can help you with the Kingdom Websites, group Websites on the Midrealm server, Middle Kingdom email concerns, Officer transfers, Service Portal assistance (including officer assignments, reporting, award recs, etc.). We are also glad to assist in any general troubleshooting you may need with browsers, etc. Our Kingdom Cartographer and our Librarians are available via the Helpdesk as well!

To get started send us an email or use the contact form on this webpage.
Please have patience as we are all volunteers with various available hours throughout each week. We will do our best to get to your email as soon as possible. If it is URGENT please include that in the Subject.

Things that we need to know in your email:

  • Subject: Your issue (email, service portal, website, officer change over, reporting, a ‘heads up’ about something that is broken, etc.)
  • Your name (SCA) and your email.
  • If it is help with your Office, please be sure to include the office, the group, and the region.
  • If you are needing service portal help, be sure to include the email/userid that you are trying to log in with.

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Help Desk Deputies

Kingdom Webminister

Lady Brighid of Red Spears

Deputy Kingdom Webminister

Lord Otto Kukelbrecht

Held Desk Team Lead

Baroness JahanAra amat al-Hafeeza

Help Desk Deputy

Sir Criomhthann CuRua

Help Desk Deputy

Theghn Edward Aelredson

Help Desk Deputy

Dame Estelle de la Mer

Help Desk Deputy

Baroness Katayoun Al-Aurvataspa

Held Desk Deputy

THL Soffke Stoterogghen

Clerk of the Roster

THL Isabel Taylor

Kingdom Calendar

Baron Hengist Hawardessune