Office of the Buckler Herald

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Heraldic Education Deputy of the Midrealm


Mission Statement

The Office of Buckler Herald is responsible for overseeing heraldic education in the Middle Kingdom. It is our vision to foster enthusiasm and knowledge of heraldic practice, both within SCA purview and through a historic lens; to empower our populace to serve in a heraldic capacity; to contribute to the historic feel of events through competent vocal work and quality heraldic display in keeping with historic research; to be innovative and noteworthy in heraldic education within the Knowne World.

NOTE: These training materials are intended to be a resource for heralds (and civilians) across the Known World, but may be Kingdom-specific, as they are produced by heralds in the Middle Kingdom. Should you bump up against Inter-Kingdom Anthropology (in which our Kingdom does something different from yours), apply your Kingdom’s conventions where you live; consult a local senior herald for confirmation.

Job Descriptions and Forms

  • Branch Herald Job Description (PDF)
  • Herald-at-Large Job Description (PDF)

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