Pursuivant’s Handbook

UPDATED: November 2019

Welcome to your NEW Middle Kingdom Pursuivant’s Handbook! Inside this book you will find articles to help guide you as a herald. You can click the links below to download the whole book, or just the section that you want. We suggest that if you are a local officer, that you have the whole book as part of your office documents, since it contains articles on all the various facets of heraldry. There is a supplement that contains in-depth articles for the Armory herald, as well!

Complete Handbook

Sections (individual downloads)

  • On Being a Local Herald
    • The Structure of the College
    • Your Responsibilities
    • On Matters of Money
    • It’s Your Event
    • Gilding the Trumpet
  • Vocal Heraldry
    • Processions and Boasting Your Patron
    • At the Event
    • Managing the Dais
    • Field and Tourney Herald
      • Paraphrasing and Giving Directions
      • Crying a Tournament
      • Litany of Honors and Call to Arms
  • Book Heraldry
    • Working with Submitters
    • Choosing a Medieval Name
    • On Names and Documentation
    • How to Document a Name
    • Non-Personal Names
    • Philosophical Roots of Heraldic Design
    • BASIC Heraldic Design
    • Populace Petition Requirements and Group Badges
    • Running a Consult Table
    • Commenting in OSCAR
  • Signetry
    • Duties of a Signet
    • Commissioning a Scroll
  • Accessibility
    • Working with your Silent Herald
    • Being a Silent Herald
    • Accessibility in Court
  • For the Non-Herald
  • Appendices (whole section)

Appendices (individual downloads)

Armory Herald’s Supplement

  • Armory Herald’s Supplement (68 pages)
    • An Heraldic Primer
    • The Grammar of Heraldry
    • Efficient Conflict Checking
    • Using the Complex Search Form (coming soon!)
    • Individually Attested Patterns

Middle Kingdom Herald’s Field Book

The Field Book is designed to be everything you need at an event, and nothing you don’t. It’s focused primarily on vocal heraldry. It’s formatted as a half-size book for easy carrying during the day and in court.