Office of the Dragon Signet

Master Sorcha Fraser
(Val Eisenberg)
Texts acceptable, but please announce who you are

Head of the College of Scribes of the Middle Kingdom.

Deputies to the Dragon Herald

  Office Officer Name
  Backlog Signet Angelique Michele d'Herisson
  Constellation Signet Waldetrudis (Kimetha Loidolt)
  Lincoln (Midlands) Signet Wilhelm Michalik
Oaken (North Oaken) Signet Angélique de La Rochelle
Fenris (Pentamere) Signet Hannah Schreiber
Fenris (Pentamere) Signet Helena Sibylla
Aethon (South Oaken) Signet Soffya von Kulpe

Middle Kingdom Scribal College

Scribal Arts

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