Dietrich von Hamburg
(David Cook)

Office that oversees all target archery activities in the Midrealm.


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Archers at the ready

There is no authorization required to participate in Target Archery in the Middle Kingdom, though we are required to ask you to file a “Hold Harmless” waiver before participating. This is to allow the SCA insurance to cover our Marshals as they monitor your safety, teach, and help check your equipment. This waiver can be found in the Documents Library, linked below.

Loaner Equipment is usually available, especially if the Archery Marshal knows someone who needs it will be attending. That includes children, as long as a parent is present and appropriate waivers are present. Come on out to the Range and join us!

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Reporting Schedule

Report Type

Reporting Dates

At-large and AMITsMay 15 (Q2),
Aug 15 (Q3, AMITs only),
Nov 15 (Q4/Domesday)
LocalMar 1 (Q1), Jun 1 (Q2), Sep 1 (Q3), Dec 1 (Q4/Domesday)
RegionalMar 7 (Q1), Jun 7 (Q2), Sep 7 (Q3),
Dec 7 (Q4/Domesday)

Deputies to the Archery Marshal


Officer Name

Deputy Earl Marshal - Target Archery (Deputy)Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill (Debby Malchie-Inman)
Deputy Earl Marshal - Target Archery (Deputy)Edward Aelredson (Ed Roehre)
Deputy Earl Marshal - Target Archery (Deputy)Woody of Gwyntarian (Harold W Adamson)
Constellation Marshal - Target ArcheryEllbríg ingen Eoain
Midlands Marshal - Target ArcheryGenevieve Chastisse de Vaucresson (they, them, their) (Kari A Little-McKinney)
 Midlands Marshal - Target Archery (Deputy)Vacant
North Oaken Marshal - Target ArcheryDiccon de Reinport
 Pentamere Marshal - Target ArcheryCelina Dawen (Crystal Witt)
South Oaken Marshal - Target ArcheryAstridr Asastirr (Courtney Boston)