q Office of the Deputy Earl Marshal for Armored Combat – Midrealm

Office of the Deputy Earl Marshal for Armored Combat

Draenge Svenson

Deputy in charge of overseeing armored combat activities in the Middle Kingdom.


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    Tourney Report (includes authorizations summary): The Marshal in Charge has one (1) week to send report to Regional & Clerk of the Roster.

    Incident Report: The Marshal in Charge and Chirurgeon have 48 hours to send a report to the Regional Marshal, Kingdom Earl Marshal and; Kingdom Chirurgeon.

    Authorization Form: Combatants have 45 days to send in their completed authorization forms in to the Clerk of the Roster.

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    Reporting Schedule

    Office Type

    Reporting Dates

    At Large MarshalsDec.1 (Domesday)
    Local Group MarshalsMar 1 (Q1), Jun 1 (Q2), Sep 1 (Q3), Dec 1 (Q4/Domesday)
    RegionalMar 7 (Q1), Jun 7 (Q2), Sep 7 (Q3), Dec 7 (Q4/Domesday)

    Deputies to the Deputy Earl Marshal

    OfficeOfficer Name
    Constellation Marshal – Armored CombatFergus MacPherson
    Midlands Marshal – Armored CombatHjalmr Njalsson
    North Oaken Marshal – Armored CombatMalcolm of Blackheath
    Pentamere Marshal – Armored CombatBjarg Kormaksonn

    South Oaken Marshal – Armored Combat
    Alrekr Eririksson