Duke, KSCA, OP, OL, Baron Middle Marches Duke Talymar gan y Lluwynn

Office that oversees all combat archery activities in our Kingdom.


Lay On!

Combat Archery is fun and demanding, and becomes more exciting as you get more involved and proficient in it. Combat Archery is an advanced heavy weapons style, though training with a member of the Chivalry can allow a bypass authorization. There are probably more rules and regulations in combat archery than most of the other weapons styles, and combat archery has changed a lot since it began many years ago. The rules, types of ammunition, and construction and inspection standards have been updated many times, causing some confusion to those not actively involved. We got a chance to clarify all this when Combat Archery was spun off from the Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Handbook.

The new Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Handbook is now available. All Combat Archers and Combat Archery Marshals must know the information in it. Very little has changed, but it has been made much easier to read and use. I highly recommend that ALL armored combatants (yes, that means heavy weapons fighters) read the Conventions of Combat at the beginning so you know what combat archers can/can’t do, and what other fighters can/can’t do. Additional information is in Appendix A (for Combat Archers and CA Marshals), and Appendix B (for CA Marshals).

THE 35-FOOT SPEAR: Combat Archery Resources site was developed to help ensure that the most current Combat Archery information is available. It includes links to the Middle Kingdom CA Handbook and both the Society and Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Handbooks. It also has Combat Archery Construction and Inspection Standards, lots of pictures, and other useful information. The Middle Kingdom uses both tubular and fiberglass-shafted ammunition. You must utilize the approved construction standards in the Middle Kingdom Combat Archery Handbook (and posted on the 35-Foot Spear site). There are several places on the site you can e-mail me if you have a particular question on construction, so you don’t make something only to find out it won’t pass.

Deputies to the Combat Archery Marshal

Mistress Sarah of the Erie SeaDeputy to the Deputy Earl Marshal
North Oaken Regional Marshal 
South Oaken Regional Marshal 
Master Wendell of Dark RiverMidlands Regional Marshalmidlands.combatarchery@midlands.org
Master Nyilas KazmerPentamere Regional Marshalpentamere.combatarchery@midrealm.org