Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery

Captain Arnora in Skarpa

Deputy in charge of overseeing combat archery activities in the Middle Kingdom. Email to [email protected].

Lay On!

Combat Archery is fun and demanding, and becomes more exciting as you get more involved and proficient in it. Authorization in Combat Archery is open to anyone and may be your first authorization.

Combat Archery rules are fully contained within the latest edition of the Middle Kingdom Armored Combat Handbook. All Combat Archers and Combat Archery Marshals must know the information in it. The handbook can be found here

If you are interested in becoming a Combat Archery Marshal in Training reach out to your regional marshal or the Deputy for Combat Archery. If approved they will send you back a Marshal In Training (MIT) form. MITs are expected to collect three signatures in four areas (bow/crossbow inspection, ammunition inspection, melee marshalling, authorizations) plus an additional signature for performing a bow weight inspection. Signatures for Bow/Crossbow Inspections can be collected on the target archery range as well as on the armored list.

We are also now allowing folks to become a Combat Archery Inspection Only Marshals – for their MIT process they only need signatures for bow/crossbow inspection, ammunition inspection, and the additional signature for performing a bow weight inspection. Warranted target archery marshals that wish to cross train do not need to collect signatures for bow/crossbow inspection.

Deputies to the Combat Archery Marshal

Caterina LucianoDeputy to the Deputy Earl Marshal[email protected]
Mistress Sarah of the Erie SeaNorth Oaken Regional Marshal 
South Oaken Regional Marshal 
[email protected]
OpenMidlands Regional Marshal[email protected]
Master Nyilas KazmerPentamere Regional Marshal[email protected]
Oscar von LindauConstellation Regional Marshal[email protected]