Deputy Earl Marshal for Equestrian

Lancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars

Office that oversees all Equestrian marshal activities.



The purpose of the Middle Kingdom Equestrian College is the promotion of both participation in, and study of, equestrian activities and subjects in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), particularly the historical role and utilization of horses and their ilk in the ancient and medieval worlds. While based in the Middle Kingdom, anyone of any realm is welcome to participate in its activities, should they share our desire to study and develop skill in the areas of horsemanship, mounted martial prowess, equine studies, and/or equestrian related arts and sciences, and are willing to abide by our kingdom and college laws.

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2022 Coming soon: Fort Wayne, IN practices (monthly). Please email Gwendolyn if you are hosting an official practice in 2022.

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All OfficersFeb 14 (Q1),May 14 (Q2), Aug 14 (Q3), Nov 14 (Q4/Domesday)

Deputies to the Equestrian Marshal


Officer Name

 Deputy Equestrian MarshalRhiannon filia Catell
 Constellation Marshal - EquestrianVacant
 Midlands Marshal - EquestrianVacant
 North Oaken Marshal - EquestrianRhiannon filia Catell
 Pentamere Marshal - EquestrianVacant
 South Oaken Marshal - EquestrianVacant