Event Timeline

Before and after an event, there are things that need to be accomplished for your event to be official for the SCA. Here is a brief overview of the paperwork that needs to be completed, when it is due, and who it goes to.

Before Your Event

Your group may require you to submit an Event Bid form. You should check with your hosting group to see if they have any other requirements.

Site contract, deposit, local permits

When you are planning your event, you should work with your venue to make sure that all the modern world requirements to run your event are completed. It’s highly recommended that you have a site contract that details the cost, date, and responsibilities of each party for the things that need to be done and provided. This includes a site deposit, and any local permits, such as for hosting a lunch tavern, or having alcohol on site, even if you’re not serving it. Don’t forget your other modern rentals such as port-o-johns, a dumpster, mosquito spraying, or tents. Set those up as soon as you have a date.

Website and Social Media Pages

Your website should be made up with date and location as soon as you have that information, so that it can be linked to your calendar entry and Pale ad. If you wish to advertise your event on Social Media such as Facebook, you will need to contact your Social Media Officer to have that page created. Aim to have this done as soon as you can. Specific information for the various activities at your event should be all filled out AT LEAST a month before the event, so that people can plan if they want to go to your event. Sooner is better, in this case.


As SOON as you have a date established with the venue, get your event on the calendar! At the barest minimum, your event needs to be on the calendar 3 months prior, but it’s not recommended that you wait that long, since weekends fill up very quickly, and you may be prevented from hosting your event due to the event radius rule. You can submit your event on the Midrealm Calendar page by clicking the button at the top right corner.


To setup E-pay to accept Paypal for your event, the Exchequer and the person taking reservations for the host group has to have taken the e-pay training. Then the online form for request to use the system needs to be filled out. It’s recommended to have this completed at least six (6) weeks before the event. The earlier you fill this out, the earlier you can start taking reservations. Details can be found on the Kingdom Exchequer’s page.

Pale Ad

For your event to be an official one, it must be advertised in the Kingdom newsletter, The Pale. You should follow the submission guidelines as published in the Midrealm Library. Any templates that you might need can also be found in the Library. The Pale ad MUST be submitted on the 25th of the month TWO MONTHS before your desired month of publication. Please send questions and submissions to the Pale Editor at [email protected].


Hosting Royalty is always exciting! As soon as you have a date and a location, you should send an invitation to the Crown or the Heirs, depending on who will be on the dais at the time of your event. Make sure you tell them when and where your event will be, as well as any expected activities that may entice them to come.


Insurance needs to be purchased through SCA.org at least 31 days before your event. An explanation of what you need to do can be found at the SCA Insurance Page.

After Your Event

Incident Reports

If something happens at your event, such as an injury or the involvement of modern law enforcement, you need to contact your Kingdom Officer right away. Give them a brief run down of what’s happened, and email them with specifics as soon as you can.

Non-Member Registrations

Your Exchequer needs to submit the non-member registrations page from the Events Report and send a check for the non-member fees to the Kingdom Exchequer. Their contact information can be found on the Exchequer’s page.

Court Report

If you had a Royal Court at your event, the Herald-in-Charge should file the Court Report within seven (7) days. The Court Report is filed through the Services Portal.

Post-Event Financial Report

Your Event Report should be completed by your exchequer and filed within thirty (30) days of your event, and sent to the Regional Exchequer.

Martial Report

Within thirty (30) days, your Marshal-in-Charge should fill out the required reports from the Uber Report and send them to their Regional Marshal.


At gate, every attendee that is not a blue-card member should have filled out an Event Waiver. Parents of children under 18 should have also filled out a Child Waiver. All of these forms need to be sent to the Waivers Deputy within thirty (30) days.

Arts and Sciences Activities

Any classes can be submitted to Digital Alexandria. Please encourage your teachers to submit their classes and class handouts for the enrichment of the Kingdom!

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