New and Incipient Groups

Lord Iofurr Ormarsson

Office in charge of helping incipient geographic groups to form.

So, you’d like to form a new group in your area! Greetings!

Becoming Proto-Incipient

  • Download the New Groups Handbook (Link Below)
  • Find a Sponsoring group
  • Submit Change of Office forms to your Regional and Kingdom Officers.
  • Hold meetings and social events to build group identity and cohesion.
  • DO NOT open a bank account!
  • Get your name and armory in process. This takes a while. Contact a Herald to get advice on making a proper name and group device.
  • There is no timetable on being Proto-Incipient. Take as long as you need to become a stable group!

Becoming Incipient

  • Request an Incipient Branch Status Application Form from the New Groups Deputy
  • Having registered name and armory are required before you can move on from this step! Make sure that this process continues to move forward until you have both registered.
  • Be patient. This can take 1-3 years depending on the group.

Becoming Full Status!

  • Request a Full Status Application.
  • Provide all the application data and forms requested.
  • Good Luck!

Useful Links

  • MK New Groups Handbook
  • MK New Groups Policy  
  • MK New Groups Policy “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” 
  • Explanation of sponsorship of incipient groups
  • Incipient Group Event Sponsorship Form  
  • Process for Becoming A Full Status Group

All these documents can be found in the Midrealm Library of Documents!