Deputy Early Marshal for Thrown Weapons

 THL Robert Thorne

Office that oversees the Thrown Weapon marshal activities in the Midrealm.

Reporting Schedule

Office type Reporting dates
All Thrown Weapons Marshals Jun 1 and Dec 1
Regional Mar 10 (Q1), Jun 10 (Q2), Sep 10 (Q3), Dec 10 (Q4)

Deputies to the Thrown Weapons Marshal

  Office Officer Name
  Constellation Marshal - Thrown Weapons Dominique of House of the Golden Cock
  Midlands Marshal - Thrown Weapons Gareth Thorne (Gary Hecathorn)
  North Oaken Marshal - Thrown Weapons Uthan Laoch
  Pentamere Marshal - Thrown Weapons Kestral Altara VonBarton
  South Oaken Marshal - Thrown Weapons Uthan Laoch

Latest News

Thrown Weapons Royal Rounds

The Midrealm Thrown Weapons Royal Round was created to standardize the ranking of throwers in the Midrealm, similar in manner to archery. This Royal Round score involves the use of axe, knife and spear. All equipment and throwing line rules of the SCA and Midrealm apply. You can find rules in the Documents Library, links below.


Submit scores to Elayne Thorne. Include the following information:

  • SCA Name
  • Group
  • Knife scores at each rotation
  • Axe scores at each rotation
  • Spear scores at each orientation
  • Total Score

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