Baroness Eilis the Stone

(MKA- Valerie Parks)
2602 Oakstone Dr.
Columbus, OH 43231
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Office that maintains the Kingdom Accounts.

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    Domesday Reporting Deputy

     The Honourable Lord Kenneth Brightmore
    (Kenneth Kipp)
    1427 Lay Blvd
    Kalamazoo, MI 49001
    Please leave a message as I work evenings.

    Exchequer reporting

    Use the following links to fill out your quarterly reports.

    Epay System

    In order to utilize PayPal and online advance online registration for a Midrealm event, several requirements must be met:

    • Your group must be in good financial standing, current with all reporting (monthly and NMR), and have at least a 6-month track record of compliance with all reporting requirements.
    • Your reservationist (troll/gatekeeper) and your local exchequer must take a training class from the PayPal deputy (in person and online options will be available).
    • Your financial committee must agree to the terms of using PayPal. (PayPal fees are deducted from the amount of the registration fees.)

    Exchequer 101

    To enroll in the Exchequer 101 training, click here to be taken to the classroom.

    Epay System Forms

    Useful Links

    Exchequer Deputies


    Officer Name

     College of Heralds ExchequerAlays de la Salle (Vanessa Hall)
     Domesday DeputyKenneth Brightmore (Kenneth Kipp)
    Education/TrainingKatalena Ivaniaia zhena Shishova
     Kingdom Exchequer DeputyCatherine Aimee Le Moyne
     Minister of RegaliaElena MacPherson (Brenda McPherson)
     Minister of RegaliaOrn Áskelsson
     PayPalBrangwayn Snowden
    PennsicKatalena Ivaniaia zhena Shishova
     Constellation ExchequerElayne Gwenhlian de Belleme
     Midlands ExchequerCydeaux of Brittany
     North Oaken ExchequerAngharad ferch Tangwystl
    Pentamere ExchequerOoyama Tarou Hideyasu
     South Oaken ExchequerAppolonia von Wurttemberg