Office of the Kingdom Minister of Youth

Lady Artemisia Voltera
(Melissa Harris)
4603 LuAnn
Toledo, OH 43623

Office that coordinates activities and information for the Youth of our Kingdom.

Reporting Schedule

Office Type

Reporting Dates

Local and At-LargeJan 15 (Q1), Apr 15 (Q2), Jul 15 (Q3), Oct 15 (Q4)
RegionalFeb 15 (Q1), May 15 (Q2), Aug 15 (Q3), Nov 15 (Q4)

Deputies to the Kingdom Minister of Youth


Officer Name

MOY - Background Check DeputyCorasande of Starrhill
MOY - Dean of Page SchoolSaehildR barngodR (Sarah Jean Meyer)
MOY - First DeputySaehildR barngodR (Sarah Jean Meyer)
MOY - Special ProjectsElizabethe Alles (Ashley Smith)
 Constellation Minister of Youth ActivitiesElayne Gwenhlian de Belleme
Midlands Minister of Youth ActivitiesMwynwen Ysginidd (Marilyn Holt)
 North Oaken Minister of Youth ActivitiesVacant
 Pentamere Minister of Youth ActivitiesMorgan Wynn de Byrd
South Oaken Minister of Youth ActivitiesLynne Fairchild (Amy Glier)