Office of the Kingdom Minister of Youth

Dame SæhildR barngóðR
called “Baroness Silly” (she/her)

The Kingdom Minister of Youth is responsible for:

  • supporting local youth officers and parents
  • sharing knowledge with people of all ages
  • integrating history and SCA Culture into fun, safe, and age-appropriate educational activities
  • helping young people grow as members of our Society
  • recognizing youth and their contributions to the Kingdom

It is the belief of this office that the Children of our Kingdom are our Future AND our Present. It is our duty to ensure that they feel safe and recognized as important members of the Midrealm. They are a precious treasure and capable of contributing to our Society in a great many ways.

The purpose of Page School is:

  • To promote the education of youth, ages 17 and under, about the SCA and the Middle Ages.
  • To provide opportunities for our youth to get involved, pursue their interests, gain knowledge, develop skills, and serve in positive ways that give them direction and a sense of achievement.
  • To enable youth to follow their own dreams within the Kingdom in order to foster a lifelong interest and involvement in the Society.
  • To teach chivalry, honor, responsibility, courtesy, leadership and history.
  • Recognize youth and their contributions to our Society

Page School itself does not run classes or activities. It is a tracking system for what students do within the Society. 

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Waivers and Background Checks

If the children you are bringing are siblings with each other you’ll want the family waiver form.

If they are not related you’ll want the single-child form.

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Minister of Youth Deputies


Officer Name

 MOY - Background Check DeputyMichael Colquhoun (James Puhl)
MOY - Dean of Page SchoolElizabethe Alles (Ashley Smith)
MOY - First DeputyArtemisia Voltera
MOY - Special ProjectsElizabethe Alles (Ashley Smith)
 Constellation Minister of Youth ActivitiesElayne Gwenhlian de Belleme
Midlands Minister of Youth ActivitiesMwynwen Ysginidd Called Strawberry (Marilyn Holt)
 North Oaken Minister of Youth ActivitiesZofia der Kinder
 Pentamere Minister of Youth Activities***
South Oaken Minister of Youth ActivitiesLynne Fairchild