Maestra Sarai Tindall Sogliano

The office that keeps records and encourages the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, and cultures, by employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities.

Teach at RUM!

We’d love to have you teach at RUM! eRUM is continuing with the following themes over the next few months: 

  • RUM starts back up in June!

To teach as part of any of these please sign up as a teacher through the RUM website!

MOAS Reporting Changes

On Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 7pm EST / 6pm CST I will be introducing the new reporting system for all Midrealm MOASs hosted through RUM’s Facebook Page. The class will be recorded and posted to the Midrealm YouTube channel as soon as possible for those with schedule conflicts. This is your best chance to ask me questions! 🙂

Individual Arts and Sciences Reports

Group MOAS Reports

MOAS TRAINING CLASS – This class will go over how to report, how to track Arts and Sciences Activities, requirements to become a MoAS, finding events to display or compete in the Middle Kingdom, activities to encourage Arts & Sciences in your group, activities to encourage A&S during an event, resources, and A&S stuff society wide. Attendance is required for all Ministers of Arts and Sciences, but anyone may attend. Online classes will be announced next year.

Craftsperson FaireS

The Middle Kingdom Craftsperson Fairs are Arts & Sciences display venues. Members of the populace are encouraged to bring items that are in progress, as well as finished items, that aid in the exploration and understanding of pre-seventeenth century cultures. All levels of work are encouraged to participate, please include your name and a short description of the item(s).

Arts and Sciences Competitions

Official A&S Competitions are currently on hold because of the pandemic, but we are hoping to do another Artisan Meet and Greet at a later date.

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Arts & Sciences Deputies


Officer Name

A&S Criteria DeputySofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina (Anne McKinney)
 A&S Database DeputyFinn O'Connor
A&S Faire CoordinatorOdette d'Amboise
 A&S WarPoint GeneralVacant
 Craftsperson's Faire CoordinatorVacant
 Deputy KMOAS Coordinator of Arts and Sciences & Martial ActivitiesVacant
 Deputy KMOAS Historical Combat StudiesKai Tseng
 Deputy KMOAS Reporting OfficerVacant
 Deputy of Judges EducationAnastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova
 Digital Alexandria CuratorAyse al-Rumiyya
 Emergency DeputyAudette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
Emergency DeputyOdette d'Amboise
 Entrants' CoordinatorVacant
Judges CoordinatorAveline de Ceresbroch
KMOAS Data Survey OfficerAnneLyse van Gavere
 KMOAS Data Survey OfficerKateline Crowe
RUM ChancellorAndreas Blacwode
 Tallyroom CoordinatorAudette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
Constellation Minister of Arts and SciencesAdriana de Fleurs
 Midlands Minister of Arts and SciencesAudette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
North Oaken Minister of Arts and SciencesMilesent Vibert
 Pentamere Minister of Arts and SciencesFujinami no Kaede
South Oaken Minister of Arts and SciencesHonor von Atzinger