Office of the Minister of Arts & Sciences

Maestra Sarai Tindall Sogliano


The office of the KMOAS keeps records of and encourages the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, and culture, by employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities.

Reporting Schedule

Office type Reporting dates
Local Groups: Shire, Canton, Riding, College, Stronghold, Port, or March Mar 1 (Q1) , Jun 1 (Q2), Sep 1 (Q3), Dec 1 (Q4)
Baronial or Province Mar 5 (Q1), June 5 (Q2), Sep 5 (Q3), Dec 5 (Q4)
Regional Officers Mar 10 (Q1), Jun 10 (Q2), Sep 10 (Q3), Dec 10 (Q4)

Deputies to the Minister of Arts & Sciences

  Office Officer Name
A&S Criteria DeputySofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina
A&S Database DeputyVacant
A&S Faire CoordinatorOdette d'Amboise
A&S WarPoint GeneralVacant
Craftsperson's Faire CoordinatorVacant
Deputy KMOAS Coordinator of Arts and Sciences & Martial ActivitiesCedric Adolphus
Deputy KMOAS Historical Combat StudiesKai Tseng
Deputy KMOAS Reporting OfficerEvja Haerulfskona (Rachel Hansen)
Deputy of Judges EducationAnastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova
Digital Alexandria CuratorAyse al-Rumiyya
Emergency DeputyMilesent Vibert
Entrants' CoordinatorVacant
Judges CoordinatorOdette d'Amboise
KMOAS Data Survey OfficerAnneLyse van Gavere
KMOAS Data Survey OfficerKateline Crowe
RUM ChancellorEleanor Von Atzinger
RUM ChancellorOswyn of Bathon (Sean Wilson)
Tallyroom CoordinatorBriana Morgan of the Valley
Constellation Minister of Arts and SciencesBrynn Herleifsson (CJ Miller)
Midlands Minister of Arts and SciencesMwynwen Ysginidd (Marilyn Holt)
North Oaken Minister of Arts and SciencesMilesent Vibert
Pentamere Minister of Arts and SciencesEva van Oldebroek
Pentamere Minister of Arts and SciencesFujinami no Kaede
South Oaken Minister of Arts and SciencesHonor von Atzinger

Latest News

MOAS Training Classes

This class will cover reporting, tracking, requirements for becoming a MoAS, display and competition events, activities to encourage Arts & Sciences in your group, activities to encourage Arts & Sciences at an event, resources, and Arts & Sciences activities society wide. Attendance is required for all Ministers of Arts and Sciences, but anyone may attend. It is a two hour long class. It will be taught at the following events.

  • Future dates to be arranged

MOAS Training will be taught in video conference format at the following dates and time. To get the information to join the video conference please register through this form: Video Conference MOAS Training Registration

  • Future dates to be arranged

Teach at RUM!

We’d love to have you teach at RUM! Currently the RUM Chancellor is accepting bids to host the next RUM. For more information go here!

Craftspersons Faire

The Middle Kingdom Craftspersons Faire is a display event. It is often held in each region of the Middle Kingdom during late summer and fall. Members of the populace are encouraged to bring items that make our society look more like pre-seventeenth century culture. The Craftspersons Fair is an activity for artists at any level of development to display their work.  Documentation is not required. Please do bring a short description of the work so that others can learn too. Contact you Regional MOASs if you are interests in hosting a Regional Craftspersons Faire this year.

Arts and Sciences Faire

If you are advised at your Regional Faire that you are qualified to advance to the Kingdom Faire, you are not automatically registered. You will need to register yourself for the Kingdom Faire two (2) weeks prior to the Kingdom Faire at A & S Faire Judges/Entrants Registration

Research papers and any other mail in entries need to be sent 4 weeks before the Regional Arts and Science Faire that you enter.

Please send your entry by email to Arts and Sciences Faire Coordinator, THL Odette d’Amboise at

Rules and criteria for 2020 Faire season are available at Midrealm Library.

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