Office of the Minister of Arts & Sciences

Tommaso Franceschi, OL

The office that keeps records and encourages the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, and cultures, by employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities.

Teach at RUM!

We would love to have you teach at RUM! To learn more, or indicate your interest in teaching, please visit the RUM website.

MOAS Reporting

Group MOAS Reports

How to be a MoAS (Youtube video)

MOAS TRAINING CLASS – This class will go over how to report, how to track Arts and Sciences Activities, requirements to become a MoAS, finding events to display or compete in the Middle Kingdom, activities to encourage Arts & Sciences in your group, activities to encourage A&S during an event, resources, and A&S stuff society wide.  This class can be offered on request.

Displays and Crafters Spaces

Crafters Spaces

Crafter’s Fairs are typically static Arts & Sciences displays.

Crafter’s Greens are interactive Arts & Sciences displays where the artisans are encouraged to teach at their display.

All levels of work are encouraged to participate in both, please make sure your name is posted somewhere on your display.

Tournament of Arts

The Tournament of Arts is an opportunity for artisans to meet with members of the Laurelete to exchange ideas and information in person.

  • The next TOA is still being scheduled. Please check back soon!

Arts and Sciences Competitions

Queen’s Prize Tournament

The Queen’s Prize Tournament is a non-competitive juried arts display designed to help those artisans wanting to expand their art and research for competition by providing feedback based on a rubric.

  • The next Queen’s Prize Tournament is still being scheduled. Please check back soon!

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair

A rubric based competition for Artisans to demonstrate application of their research.

  • The next Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair will be held in the Barony of Red Spears on May 25, 2024. See the Kingdom Calendar for more information.

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Arts & Sciences Deputies

OfficeOfficer Name
Emergency DeputyAudette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
A&S Criteria DeputyOdette d'Ambois
A&S Database DeputyBrighid of Red Spears
A&S Fair CoordinatorRoana Aldinoch
A&S WarPoint GeneralBaron Tonis Van Driele
Crafter’s Faire CoordinatorSerena Kimbalwyke
Deputy KMOAS Historical Combat Studies Kai Tseng
Deputy of Entrants EducationAnastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova
Deputy of Scorers EducationAngus Gordon
Digital Alexandria CuratorAyse al-Rumiyya
Entrants' CoordinatorAnastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova
Scorers' CoordinatorAveline de Ceresbroch
KMOAS Data Survey OfficerVacant
Tallyroom CoordinatorFrancoise Katze
Tournament of Arts DeputyLote Winterborn
Rum ChancellorAndreas Blacwode
Constellation Minister of Arts and SciencesOdette d'Ambois
Midlands Minister of Arts and SciencesAsa the Nine-Fingered
North Oaken Minister of Arts and SciencesCrispin dela Rochefoucauld
Pentamere Minister of Arts and SciencesIsobella Gray of Donnershafen
South Oaken Minister of Arts and SciencesInga Johansdottir