Metressa (she/her/hers) Alzbeta Michalik

Office responsible for furthering those activities that add flavor and color to events, such as making announcements, speaking in court, designing and registering devices and arms, consulting on names, and much much more.

Becoming A Court Herald

If you are interested in heralding a Royal Court, please contact the Pale Herald via email. They will add you to the email list that details the expected Royal Progress and who is available to lead or assist with court. If you desire information on what it takes to be a Herald-in-Charge, please reach out to the Pale Herald for more information, thank you!

Latest News

Heraldic Documents

Thanks to our Kingdom Webminister, we have a new home for our heraldic documents! Everything can now be found in the Documents Library, in the “Herald” folder.

There you can find:

  • Submissions Forms
  • Pursuivant’s Handbook
  • Boke of Ceremonies
  • Protocol Handbook
  • The Field Manual
  • Scribe’s Handbook
  • OSCAR Commentary Policy
  • Rouge Scarpe’s Letters of Acceptance and Returns

… and more. There’s even a silly song about heraldic tinctures!

Please update your links accordingly. Thanks


The Order of Precedence, Court Reports, and Officer Reports can now all be found in the Services Portal!

Award Recommendations now have a new home!

Heralds of the Midrealm

Social Media and Email Lists

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Herald Deputies


Officer Name

Buckler HeraldAlan Fairfax (Alan Terlep)
Clerk of PrecedenceChandara Gamal (Dixie Needles)
 Dragon Exchequer (Heraldic Exchequer)Alays de la Salle (Vanessa Hall)
Dragon SignetSorcha Fraser (Val Eisenberg)
Escutcheon HeraldMarkéta z Prahy
Meadows HeraldCecily O'Donell
Minister of ProtocolRory mac Feidhlimidh
Opinicus HeraldEdborough Kellie
Pale HeraldDmitrii Zhirov
Rouge Scarpe HeraldRagna stórráða Úlfsdóttir
Shield HeraldDamian Nihthauk (Rey Barreto)
Talvas HeraldAndreas Blacwode
 Thuban HeraldVacant
Constellation HeraldSebastian Hunzicker
Lincoln (Midlands) HeraldSiobhán an Einigh of Connacht
Oaken (North Oaken) HeraldDmitrii Zhirov
Fenris (Pentamere) HeraldGilebert le braceeur de Dijon (Larry R. Sieting)
Aethon (South Oaken) HeraldAllegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli