The Pale

Lady Claricia de la mere (she/her)

Editor of The Pale

Office that maintains the Kingdom Newsletter, The Pale. [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

Publishing Date

As of July 1st all events scheduled will once again be required to have an AD placed in The PALE on the 25th of the month, two months prior to the event if a court or any official business is to be held. This would apply to any events in September forward. Thus, the deadline for ADs for September Events would be July 25th. You CAN NOT have a Royal Court, laws read into court, CROWN or Coronation after September 1st if you do not have an AD in The Pale.

The Pale is Published on the 10th of each month, no exceptions. The Electronic copy of The Pale should be available on the Society enewsletters page around the 12th of the month. All mailed print copies should be to you no later than the first week of each month.

Event Ads

All Event Ads are due the 25th of the month 2 months prior (e.g. for the December Issue, by October 25th)

Job Board Postings & Feature Articles

Job Board Postings and Feature Articles are due the 25th of the month.

Letters from Great Officers

Due on the 1st of the Month and no later.

Contributors to The Pale

  Office Officer Name
Copy Editor for the Pale Alys Katharine



About The Pale

The Pale is the Middle Kingdom’s newsletter and it contains important information that all members should be familiar with, including letters from our Royal Family and Kingdom Officers, court reports, job announcements, event notices, seneschal contact information, and the upcoming event calendar, along with feature articles and event photos. The Pale is published monthly and becomes available to read online about two weeks before the start of each month

How To Read The Pale

All Sustaining and International members of the SCA have access to The Pale, along with every kingdom newsletter in our Known World. To view the newsletters, go to and login with your member number (as username) and password (if you have not yet set a new password, it will be the word start)

Useful Links

Submission Guidelines and Ad Information

You can read the complete Submission Guidelines by accessing them in the above link for Documents. Here are a few pertinent details.

All Ads are due the 25th of the month TWO MONTHS prior to the Event.
Ads held within the Kingdom do not have a cost to be placed.

Ads are guaranteed ONE run as close to the event (typically the month prior). Any extra advertising depends entirely upon the room that we have in the Issues.

The following items must be represented on each Ad for The Pale
Event name
Sponsoring group
Dates of the event
Times of event
Site address
Website for further event information and contact
Registration (example: Adult Registration $15, Adult Member $10, Children 5-17 $7, etc.)
Event Stewards SCA Name (modern name) email address and phone number

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