Duke Cellach mac Cormaic

Office that oversees all Marshal activities in our Kingdom. Email to marshal@midrealm.org.

Authorization Database

Middle Kingdom Marshal and Authorization Database


Quarterly reports should no longer go through the services portal. We now have a Google form for reporting.
All areas except target archery should use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/midrealmmarshalreport
Target archery marshals should use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/MidrealmTargetArchery

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Martial Activities and Deputies

Reporting Schedules are available in the website for each discipline.

OfficeOfficer Name
Emergency DeputyUllr Amaranthson
Clerk of the RosterIsabel Taylor
Deputy Clerk of the RosterSara Bayley
Deputy Earl Marshal of ExperimentsEikbrandr Solgyafi
Deputy Earl Marshal - Marshal TrainingWigthegn the Younger
Armored CombatDraenge Svenson
Combat ArcheryArnora in Skarpa
SiegeDirk Edward of Frisia
Rapier CombatMirabai Sitt al-Sirr
Target ArcheryDietrich von Hamburg
Thrown Weapons Uthan Laoch
EquestrianGwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Youth Armored Combat Dyderich Wolfhart
Youth RapierOda Umi-Dono called Umi
Hound CoursingAlaina Blackram

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