Duke Cellach mac Cormaic

Office that oversees all Marshal activities in our Kingdom. Email to marshal@archerymarshal

Quarterly reports should no longer go through the services portal. We now have a Google form for reporting.
All areas except target archery should use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/midrealmmarshalreport
Target archery marshals should use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/MidrealmTargetArchery

Waiver review under way

One of the rules to be an authorized combatant on the Armored or Rapier lists is that you have completed a waiver and sent it in to the Clerk of the Roster.

Many folks have, but we still have a LOT of combatants and marshals that have not.
We’ve been asking folks to send in waivers for over a year now. 
That seems like a more than reasonable time period to sign a piece of paper and get it to the Clerk of the Roster.

I’ve pulled the list of combatants that do not have a waiver on file with the Clerk of the Roster.
I’m giving folks until the end of the year to get the waivers completed. After that, I’ll un-authorize combatants without a waiver. If that happens, combatants will need to do a re-authorization and complete the waiver.
The waiver can be found at: https://www.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/adltwaiv.pdf

Completed waivers can be emailed to Master Isabel (the Clerk of the Roster) at: rosterclerk@midrealm.org

List of Armored Combatants without a waiver (includes Combat Archery and Siege):


List of Rapier combatants without a waiver (includes Cut and Thrust): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12hFSTajZosDBDQxvnzmIrvmr75nPgv0P/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=108299567393620750819&rtpof=true&sd=true

List of Archery marshals without a waiver: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-qOg2B02ePmPD3clpRpZxdJhaEPmQOac/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=108299567393620750819&rtpof=true&sd=true

Martial Activities

Reporting Schedules are available in the website for each discipline.

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Waivers and Background Checks

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Earl Marshal Deputies

OfficeOfficer Name
Clerk of the RosterIsabel Taylor
Deputy Clerk of the RosterSara Bayley
Deputy Earl Marshal - Armored CombatDrust Mac Arilith
Deputy Earl Marshal - Combat ArcheryPosition Open
Deputy Earl Marshal - EquestrianGwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Deputy Earl Marshal - Hound CoursingAlaina Blackram
Deputy Earl Marshal - Marshal TrainingPosition Open
Deputy Earl Marshal - Rapier CombatMirabai Sitt al-Sirr
Deputy Earl Marshal - SiegeEdward of Thorn
Deputy Earl Marshal - Target ArcheryDietrich von Hamburg
Deputy Earl Marshal - Thrown Weapons Uthan Laoch
Deputy Earl Marshal - Youth Armored Combat & Rapier Dyderich Wolfhart
Deputy Earl Marshal of ExperimentsHaerulf Rifnabrok