Office of the Earl Marshal

Duke Ullr Amaranthson

Office that oversees all Marshal activities in our Kingdom. Email to

Reporting Schedules are available in the website for each discipline.

Deputies to the Earl Marshal


Officer Name

 Clerk of the RosterIsabel Taylor
 Deputy Clerk of the RosterSara Bayley
 Deputy Earl MarshalAngus Gordon
Deputy Earl Marshal - Armored CombatMarcus Pinarius Draconarius
 Deputy Earl Marshal - Combat ArcherySarah of the Erie Sea
Deputy Earl Marshal - EquestrianFarthegn Rinkson
 Deputy Earl Marshal - Hound CoursingCalybrid Ine Tere
 Deputy Earl Marshal - Marshal TrainingCellach mac Cormaic (Jesse Weber)
Deputy Earl Marshal - Rapier CombatDarius Lowen
Deputy Earl Marshal - SiegeEdward of Thorn
Deputy Earl Marshal - Target ArcheryAibhilin ni Dhomhnaill (Debby Malchie-Inman)
 Deputy Earl Marshal - Thrown WeaponsRobert Thorne
Deputy Earl Marshal - Youth CombatAngus Robertsson (Russ Martin)
Deputy Earl Marshal - Youth RapierJoão Afonso Terciopelo de Galicia (Matthew I Hooper)

Special Deputies

Deputy Earl Marshal for Experimental Weapons
Sör Ustad Hasan al Hajjii
(Ortega Hobson)
202 N. Cherry st.
Germantown, Oh 45327
(937) 239-2114