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Information on Re-opening Marshal Activities

This morning, Their Majesties announced that the kingdom will allow a full restart of activities, within the confines of the new Society directives and state/local guidelines and orders.
After consultation with Their Majesties, the Martial Activities Restart Plan is hereby rescinded.

Martial activities will continue to be prohibited in the Middle Kingdom through June 30, 2021. This includes meetings, practices, and events.
Please read the missive below for further information.

Martial Activities

Reporting Schedules are available in the website for each discipline.

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Earl Marshal Deputies


Officer Name

Clerk of the RosterIsabel Taylor
 Deputy Clerk of the RosterSara Bayley
 Deputy Earl MarshalGregoire de Lyon
Deputy Earl Marshal - Armored CombatDrust Mac Arilith
Deputy Earl Marshal - Combat ArcheryDuke Talymar gan y Lluwynn
Deputy Earl Marshal - EquestrianGwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Deputy Earl Marshal - Hound CoursingAlaina Blackram
 Deputy Earl Marshal - Marshal TrainingCellach mac Cormaic (Jesse Weber)
Deputy Earl Marshal - Rapier CombatDarius Lowen
Deputy Earl Marshal - SiegeEdward of Thorn
Deputy Earl Marshal - Target ArcheryDietrich von Hamburg (David Cook)
 Deputy Earl Marshal - Thrown WeaponsUthan Laoch (William Kilpatrick)
Deputy Earl Marshal - Youth CombatDyderich Wolfhart
Deputy Earl Marshal - Youth RapierDyderich Wolfhart
Deputy Earl Marshal of ExperimentsHaerulf Rifnabrok