The Most Excellent Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad

Chief administrative officer and legal representative.

Important Announcements

Fall 2022 Seneschal requirements: Entrants to the crown list are governed by the rules of corpora, the middle kingdom and the lists. To ensure that all entrants meet the requirements set forth in those documents all entrants to the crown tournament are required to provide proof of residency and membership to the seneschal for checking. If you are invited to compete please complete this form so that I may have the necessary information and proofs.

Latest News

Waivers and Background Checks

Running an Event

Deputies to the Seneschal


Officer Name

Ad Hoc Deputy to the SeneschalMaggie O'Donnell
 Background DeputyMichael Colquhoun (James Puhl)
 Calendar SecretaryHengist Hawardessune
CartographerEstelle de la Mer (Skye Savage)
CartographerGuillemette Falaize (Rebecca Vandewalle)
Charter ComplianceEllowyn Kittel (Stephanie Kittle)
 Citizenship TreatiesVacant
Curia SecretaryMaggie MacKeith (Wendy Martin-Glick)
 Deputy Seneschal for ReportingVacant
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion OfficerKatherine Vivians
Event CoordinatorElisabeta Fischer (Elisabeth DeCrane)
First Deputy SeneschalSara Hasenkamp
Information Security OfficerWigthegn the Younger
Kingdom ChatelaineSeonaid inghean Ghriogair (Shonna of Vito's Minions) (Yvonne Zimmer)
Kingdom Social Media OfficerShahzada al-Zahra
Kingdom Youth MinisterSaehildR barngodR (Sarah Jean Meyer)
Law ClerkMagrat Catte
Media LiaisonBella Roisin OCoilleain
 New GroupsJulianna
 Project Manager DeputyVacant
 Second Deputy SeneschalVacant
Special DeputyUllr Amaranthson
Transition of GroupsLucius Antonius Ursus
 Waivers DeputyErennach ingen ui Ronain (Lisa Crumbley)
 Web Site DeputyFinn O'Connor
 Constellation SeneschalRonan of Keyth
Midlands SeneschalAstridr Arnardottir (Dana Haynes)
 North Oaken SeneschalIsibel of Dunbegane
Pentamere SeneschalMeabh ingen Carthaig (Liz Gillisse)
 South Oaken - SeneschalZoya Dragomirova (Kathleen Burden)