al-Mu’allima (Mistress) Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza

Office that maintains the Kingdom Communications, including the website and other internet technologies, the Kingdom Newsletter (The Pale) and other venues of communications as needed.

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Important Announcements

All events scheduled will once again be required to have an AD placed in The PALE on the 25th of the month, two months prior to the event if a court or any official business is to be held. This would apply to any events in September forward. Thus, the deadline for ADs for September Events would be July 25th. You CAN NOT have a Royal Court, laws read into court, CROWN or Coronation after September 1st if you do not have an AD in The Pale.

Thank you so much for working with our Editor of The Pale and with our Deputy Editor who will be working on the Ads.
Kingdom Chronicler

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Officer Name

 Editor of the PaleAdallisia moglie di Simon Varzi
 Kingdom HistorianMarissa von Atzinger (Marissa Williams)
 Kingdom Web MinisterJalida al-Hasanah
 Constellation ChroniclerElwynor ferch Alwyn
 Midlands ChroniclerNorelle of Scolairi
 North Oaken ChroniclerVacant
 Pentamere ChroniclerSadb ingen Neill
South Oaken ChroniclerLynne Fairchild