“Missing” Awards


I have been made aware that some awards in the Order of Precedence are “missing” for a few folks. In my investigations, every case thus far has been due to awards being listed under a different name. When the awards were imported from the old system, all we had to match on was name. Awards under different names for the same person (or a misspelling of the name) came in as multiple profiles.

To correct this, it is a simple matter of merging the profile accounts together. This is a task that is fairly straight forward, and the folks at issues@midrealm.org are able to make this happen, but they need some information to do so.

Check your awards to ensure that they are complete. If they are not, please email the following information to issues@midrealm.org and they will help you out.

1) Your name as is appears on your profile in the services portal
2) Your user id
3) The missing award name and the date it was bestowed
4) Alternate names or spellings it might be under

The helpdesk team will attempt to track down the missing award in the other profile and merge it in. The more information you can provide the helpdesk, the quicker the issue can be resolved.

Baron Rijckaert vanUtrecht, OP
Kingdom Web Minister