EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, “clacker” axes are legal for use in the Midrealm. The below language will be added to Section VII(A) of the marshal’s handbook as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the rules so you can start construction for melee season.

Section VIII

A.    Two-Handed Weapons

Weapons which may be used with one or two hands shall have the following requirements:

  1. Weapons shall be constructed of rattan of not less than 1.25 inch (31.8 mm) in diameter (including tape). Polearms may contain blades constructed of split rattan, so long as the piece(s) are securely fastened to the haft.
  2. The weapon shall not be excessively flexible.
  3. If the weapon has a head, it shall not be constructed of solely rigid materials. The head shall be firmly and securely attached to the haft. The head shall allow at least .5 inch (12.7 mm) of progressive give between the striking surface and the weapon haft. Semi-rigid ultra-lightweight shaped foam heads and laminated or split rattan construction techniques do not require .5 inch (12.7 mm) of progressive give, so long as their construction imparts striking characteristics similar to an unpadded weapon constructed of a single piece of rattan.
    1. Polearms over 6 feet must be unpadded.
    2. Foam weapon heads and unpadded Rathbone axe heads are legal on weapons 6 feet and under.

      Middle Kingdom Rule:
    3. Clacker Heads are legal in the Middle Kingdom, pursuant to the following construction rules:
      1. Rattan is the only approved material for a clacker head.
      2. Weapons with a clacker head shall not exceed 5ft 6in in total length.
      3. A rattan clacker may be no less than 0.5in (12.7mm) and no more than 0.75in (19.05mm) thick and may be no less than 1.25in (31.75mm) and no more than 1.5in (30.48mm) wide.
      4. All sharp edges, points, and 90-degree angles shall be rounded over.
      5. Clacker heads must be constructed on a base of high-density architectural foam (or equivalent) which shall be 1.25in (31.75mm) wide.
      6. The clacker rattan must be heat or pressure formed to conform with the shape of the weapon head.
      7. The clacker must be the same width and length as the striking surface of the foam base, with no protrusions beyond the foam and no gaps between the clacker and the base.
      8. The clacker must be attached to the base with non-rigid glue, and then secured with a secondary material placed across the clacker, such as artificial sinew or strapping tape.
    4. Weapons over 48 inch in length may NOT have a 360° striking surface
    5. Weapons may not combine padded and unpadded striking surfaces.
    6. No weapon may have a cutting and/or smashing surface at both ends.

Sir Marcus
DKEM Armored Combat