From the Kingdom Senescal – Covid Update – Activities Cancelled through June 30th

Greetings to the Great Populace of the Midrealm, It is Our, the Crown and Great Officers of State, honor to continue to protect the great Populace of the Middle Kingdom. As the pandemic continues its course, which has deeply impacted Our people and Our hearts, We must with heavy hearts do that which is needed to continue protecting Our beloved treasures. Know here and now We here proclaim the following:

  • All events (weekend events, business meetings, practices, other official SCA activity, etc.) are hereby cancelled, effective immediately through the end of JUNE.
  • Crown Tournament will be postponed until later in the Reign of Felix and Madeleina. Once confirmed, the date will be announced on the Kingdom Website and Facebook.
  • Virtual Courts will occur at the discretion of the Crown and announced on the Kingdom Website and Facebook. They will be streamed live on Facebook and then the recording will be made available on YouTube. Coronation is being held virtually as previously announced and will follow this format.
  • Groups may participate in electronic meetings (Zoom, Google Meets, FB live, etc) for business and social purposes as long as there is no charge for members to participate.
  • SMALL gatherings may be permitted that follow the CDC and state/local limits in size and requirements for social distancing, including any requirements for health and safety, such as the wearing of masks or other facial coverings.

This determination was not made lightly. However, under recent guidance from the CDC and government safety precautions, along with the very real impact to Our Populace We feel this is the best course of action for the safety of the Populace. If you’d like to see the referenced guidance:

As previously announced pre-registration of events through PayPal will be disabled until further notice. It is recommended that local branches stop offering a pre-registration option to avoid potential issues with refunds due to cancelled events or requests due to illness. To help ease the potential impact of these decisions, the Middle Kingdom will be making the following financial policy changes:

Local groups forced to cancel the use of a venue by government, venue, the Board of Directors of SCA, Inc. or by the Middle Kingdom: If the venue does not offer a full refund of the deposit and the forfeiture of the deposit would result in the group having a balance of less than $500 in their account, the Kingdom will assist to ensure a minimum of $500 remains in the group’s accounts for ordinary operational costs.

You may find the most current, official, word at the following sites:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control:

Remember, PROTECT YOUR FRIENDS, WASH THY HANDS! The plague was so 1347!

Yours in Service,
Master Cerridwen verch Ioreword
Middle Kingdom Seneschal