Heraldic Submissions Team

Your Submissions Team

Escutcheon Herald

Internal Submissions

Lady Markéta z Prahy
1161 S Buchanan St #5
Wilmington, IL 60481

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The Escutcheon Herald is responsible for accepting paperwork for registration, as well as accepting the submission fees. They post regular letters containing your submissions for commentary on OSCAR, the Online System for Commentary and Response.

You should contact Escutcheon if you need assistance in submitting your armory or if you have questions regarding which paperwork to use.

Mail all materials to:
SCA — MK College of Heralds
c/o Lady Markéta z Prahy
1161 S Buchanan St #5
Wilmington, IL 60481

Rouge Scarpe

External Submissions

 Kyrios Kallinikos Gavras

Rouge Scarpe is responsible for forwarding Internal Submissions, after Kingdom Commentary, to the Laurel Sovereign at Arms for further commentary, evaluation, and registry.

You should contact Rouge Scarpe if you have questions regarding your submissions, if they have been returned and you don’t understand why, or if you need help changing your name or redesigning your armory after return.


Notifications Deputy

The Honorable Armiger Ragna stórráða Úlfsdóttir

Opinicus is responsible for communicating with the submitters after a decision has been made with their submission after a Decision Letter has been issued.

You should contact Opinicus if you are trying to figure out what decisions were made regarding your submissions. Remember that submissions can take up to two months to get on an Internal Letter, and up to four months for a decision to be made after the External Letter is posted.


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