The Pale

al-Shyka (Baroness) Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza
(Sandra Scott)
336 N Fairview Ave
Lansing, MI 48912

Office that maintains the Kingdom Newsletter, The Pale.

Submission Guidelines

Submission type Submission dates
Publishing Date The Pale is Published on the 10th of each month, no exceptions.
Event Ads All Event Ads are due the 25th of the month 2 months prior (e.g. for the December Issue, by October 25th)
Letters from Great Officers Due on the 5th of the Month

Contributors to The Pale

  Office Officer Name
Copy Editor for the Pale Alys Katharine




The Pale is the Middle Kingdom’s newsletter and it contains important information that all members should be familiar with, including letters from our Royal Family and Kingdom Officers, court reports, job announcements, event notices, seneschal contact information, and the upcoming event calendar, along with feature articles and event photos. The Pale is published monthly and becomes available to read online about two weeks before the start of each month


All Sustaining and International members of the SCA have access to The Pale, along with every kingdom newsletter in our Known World. To view the newsletters, go to and login with your member number (as username) and password (if you have not yet set a new password, it will be the word start)

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