New Website – New System

To all armored fighters and marshals: greetings!

I am Sir Marcus Pinarius Draconarius. I have accepted the position of Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Rattan from the KEM, Duke Ullr. I am honored to take on this responsibility, and I look forward to assisting His Grace in shepherding the Midrealm fighting community for the next several years.

Obviously, we have a new kingdom website. Along with that, we have a new online reporting system, the authorization database has been migrated, and we continue to revise and renew our rules, policies and procedures for rattan combat in this kingdom. We ask for your patience as we adjust to the new online system. Changes relevant to the rattan combat community will be officially posted here, as well as copied on social media in keeping with the new Social Media Policy.

It is the KEM’s intention that the office of DKEM Rattan be an official link in the reporting chain, between the KEM and the Regional Marshals. Thus, problems that get reported up by local marshals and MiC’s should go up through the regional to the DKEM before moving up for a final decision, if necessary, from the KEM. The same holds true for quarterly reports. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Duke Ullr.

I am available via email, phone, and Facebook for purposes of reporting issues at events and practices as well as general policy and procedure questions.

Let’s all work together for fun, injury-free and honorable combat!

Sir Marcus