HEAT Advisory

Marshals of all disciplines:

We have a heat problem in the country right now. Extreme temperatures and high heat indexes are reported all over.High temps are dangerous, and while I don’t have all the answers, I do have the following:

Effective July 16th, 2019. For the remainder of the 2019 outdoor activity season in the Midrealm, all official Martial and Marshal controlled activities will cease at the heat index of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This measurement can be obtained by using the OSHA heat App, or a handheld wet bulb thermometer. The heat Index measurement must be taken onsite at the time of the practice, event, formal training session, tournament, range, ring, or list field activity. And, this measurement should be taken several times during the activity.

No official Marshal or Martial activity is to be allowed to continue if the local heat index is 103 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

Local Marshals and the Marshal in Charge may decide to stop activities sooner than this if the environment is seen to be inherently unsafe. Please don’t harass your local marshals over this, feel free to send me your complaints.

Pennsic has a rule set for heat control.

This is a temporary policy and will be strictly enforced.
Regards, Ullr, KEM