Online Archery/Dart Challenge – June

Shoot starts : June 1, 2020
Shoot ends : June 30, 2020

The June archery/darts challenge is in acknowledgement to how darts became mainstream. Henry VIII would throw small crossbow bolts at the bung of a wine barrel.

There are 4 rounds, two with the barrel going vertical and two with the barrel going horizontal.
The ends will be one round of 6 shafts/darts untimed with the barrel in each position and one timed round in each position. For times rounds, archers will have 30 seconds and dart throwers will have 10 seconds to fire as many projectiles as they can, one at a time.

Scoring is standard FITA scoring based off of the colors of a normal target – gold=5, red=4, blue=3, black=2, white=1

A printable target can be found at this link:

Scores can be submitted via the following Google form:

Shooter Guidelines:

1. Shooters may use any type of arrow/bolt/dart to shoot the monthly target (wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, etc.).

2. Archers are responsible for self checking their own bow and arrows.

3. If other archers (invited guests) are involved, they MUST follow Social Distancing rules, use masks and not touch anybody else’s bow or arrows. Separate targets are recommended.

4. Archers living in the same domicile (home) may touch and use bows/arrows from other members of their domicile. Follow all rules of your state and CDC.

5. Targets may be shot multiple times each day. Only your best score of the day should be reported.

6. Distances are 10 ft (darts only), 5 yd, 10 yd, 15 yd, or 20 yd.

Weapon categories include : Darts (10 ft only), Open Handbow, Period Handbow, Open Crossbow and Period Crossbow